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About Me

Hello! I've been designing wads for doom community projects since 2016. Doombuilder user since 2011.


completed community project maps



Map 03 Dante Allegory


Mayhem 2018 - Orange Version

Map 01 Sundowning


Deadly Standard 2

E2M5 the Star Child


Mayhem 2019

Map 04 Dull Needle


Deadly Standard 3

E3m1 (alpha version)


completed community speedmaps

eagle speed mapping mapping 8

map01 Among the Smog


pigeon speed mapping 2

map03 Bedrock of Hate

map05 Port of no Return


eagle speed mapping seven

map01 It Followed Me Home


pigeon speed mapping

map01 Gravedigger's Lot

map02 Dead yet Dreaming


ASS38 speedmaps

Map02 Snus Manufacture

Map04 Brutality of Enslavement


Hellscape Speedmaping November '19

UFO sighting 


please record .lmps if you play my maps. I am a rather new map designer so would like to see how as many as possible play my maps. kthxbye !!