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  1. UAC PR Dept

    RTC-3057 Demo Release

    Yes, we went through the same thing with Nimrod, which IS broken. I must have spent months in that damn room looking for a supposed "red key". I opened the thing up in an editor. And you assume that it is a character flaw: rather than admit you have a nasty bug. Here is a tip I can give to mappers: don't make maps where keys come off of dead enemies. Because sometimes enemies die in walls. And don't tell me I'm stupid because you hid a vital switch in a "tucked away" area for no apparant reason other than to make the definition of your map's "replayability" walking around the same place for 2 hours looking for a switch. What did you do, hide it behind a stall or something? WTF. You know what I think I'll do? I think I'll tinker around with your map and move the switch to somewhere more practical, then rerelease it. Same with Nimrod. And A Warm Place because that map is so f-ed up too. I'm done with this thread.
  2. UAC PR Dept

    RTC-3057 Demo Release

    Let's see. Switch... Switch... Nope. Somebody screwed up.
  3. UAC PR Dept

    RTC-3057 Demo Release

    On closer inspection, you have a problem here. In the first area, I can't get into the control area because the cell doors are open. Whatever that means. So I go to close the cell doors but it says the pressure is too high. Whatever that means. I can't move on, nothing else to press... So that is the whole demo? A few hallways? You guys should rerelease a working version. :[
  4. UAC PR Dept

    RTC-3057 Demo Release

    Wow, this kicks ass. You boys have come a long way. Good job.
  5. UAC PR Dept

    The /newstuff Chronicles #112

    That reminds me, I have a problem with people who think that the world owes them because they released something big out of the goodness of their heart. I've been banned from two forums now because I was the only one who thought the newly released Half-Life mod in question sucked. When I state my opinion, and tell them why, everyone gets mad and defensive and personal and always says stuff like "well they are releasing this for free, not for profit, we spent hours bringing this to you, show some respect blah blah blah" well that's just great, but it still sucks. As a member of the public, I am telling them what I think... and I get banned for it. Sometimes it's hard for people to contemplate someone NOT liking what they have made, especially when all the compliments have gotten to their head and popped their seals... ::cough cough::
  6. UAC PR Dept

    The /newstuff Chronicles #112

    Well, he told us *why* he didn't play them, so how does that make him ignorant? BTW, am I the only one who thought that Zort 8 sucked? It wasn't fun. It was running around in sludge that gradually corroded your health, while dozens of imps and cacodemons scraped away at me. Sure, the monsters were pink and green and there was fog or something, but who cares?
  7. UAC PR Dept

    Chaos Crew: What Next?

    WTF? Since when is Caverns of Darkness released?
  8. UAC PR Dept

    id Games Galore

    I am with you all the way FinalMjolnir.
  9. UAC PR Dept

    The /newstuff Chronicles #111

    Ugh, this Underworld is not the Underworld project that is still in beta, that is actually good... This one is terrible. What a waste of a download. You know make it clear which Underworld is which next time, thanks.
  10. UAC PR Dept


    "It's a trap! Luke! It's a trap!" "What? Take a nap?"
  11. UAC PR Dept


    Interesting. Thanks!
  12. UAC PR Dept


    Hey, I didn't mean any disrespect. I was just wondering if it ran Zan Zan yet... I really like zdoomgl and zdoom in general. Maybe you can think of something better to say...? listen or not... here i stand... i can do none other.
  13. UAC PR Dept


    does it run ZanZan yet
  14. UAC PR Dept


    Maybe if you'd stop making crappy news posts! º¿º
  15. UAC PR Dept

    That's Immoral, Mewse!

    I love this mod. These weapons are so great. Especially the M16s and friendly marines.