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  1. So it's normal to have a pet spider lurk in your bathroom? Cause I had one and it was a Daddy long legs, but I'm not sure where it is now.
  2. Nah, fuck that. Still scared of them. Even if I don't move or threaten them, they fly directly to my face. Or near my head, which would suck if my hair was longer, cause it'd get stuck in my curly locks and tresses.
  3. Brooooo, I feel you. *Shivers* I've been stung by them, wasn't fun.
  4. I can't wait to look back at mine with resentment and regret, lol
  5. I want to fry an egg on his abs. Maybe grate some cheese, cuz them abs are sharp.
  6. @everennui Honestly, Idk, I lost count. I'd buy stuffed animals over makeup any day. ;-;
  7. I collect stuffed animals
  8. H-Commander Keen Oh geez
  9. Thanks bb
  10. Yeah, yeah. That's what I did afterwards.
  11. Well, rip.
  12. Thanks. So I can't exactly delete the forum on my phone, so I had to add another title with different content. And I think I remember post hell, when someone mentioned the music and orange background. Anyways, which post were you referring to? The Rant one or forum rules? Because I figured this was in the Misc. section, I thought it'd be ok to post this.
  13. Oh shit, then gotta take it down then, rip
  14. Someone update me on the rules. What's post hell, btw
  15. Taking a break is the best thing to do if you're feeling burned out. You don't want to force yourself to play if you're not enjoying it. This happened to me a while back. I used to love to draw and story write and then I started losing that motivation and the spark. Depression may had something to do with it, rip