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  1. Rosh Fragger

    Doom -1 Complete: The bugfix thread (most recent 6.34)

    Some of the maps like, Map15 and especially Map18, intentionally have a lot more monsters roaming around to give sort of an open-world / non-linear vibe. If you feel like removing some of the enemies or replacing harder ones with easier ones, then I'd suggest doing so only through ticking/unticking the Thing's flags/tags instead of deleting the Things. That way, multiplayer survival/coop sessions can still be fun and engaging with loads of monsters roaming around the maps. Please try to keep multiplayer only flags ticked for enemies that you feel like removing from singleplayer sessions. Yes, absolutely! I will see if I can work on some of the maps as well. Just can't wait to see this wad completed in all of its glory and be released!!
  2. Rosh Fragger

    Pepsi or Coke?

  3. Rosh Fragger

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I've been playing some RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic on my phone.
  4. Wow, thanks for sharing the archive link. His reason of leaving seems understandable, but he could have left his YouTube channel as a memorial for his life-long fans. Really glad this archive exists though.
  5. Rosh Fragger

    what doom source port is your favourite?

  6. So there was this YouTuber named Matt who used to play and stream classic Tomb Raider games on his channel Badassgamez. His content was unbelievably entertaining and quite unique as well. He seems to have disappeared from the face of internet since, I believe, December 2020. His channel is nowhere to be found; his years of amazing content is all gone. His YouTube and Twitch channels along with all of his other social media pages seem to have been deleted. I came across his channel a few years ago when I was searching for some Tomb Raider 2 walkthroughs out of pure nostalgic reasons. I remember immediately subscribing to him for the quality of videos that his channel had. It was a goldmine for classic Tomb Raider fans ..... and it's unbelievably upsetting to not being able to find those videos anymore. His channel was unique because of all the epic content. He knew each and every map of almost all classic Tomb Raider games (TR 1 to 5) in and out, including all the secrets and other tips & tricks. He had videos of completing those entire games without using a single Medpack or saving the game in-between. No medpack / No reload runs were some of his finest videos on the channel. Moreover, he streamed and made videos on the amazing custom levels made by the good community. Apart from that, he finished a few of the Classic Tomb Raider 1 maps blindfolded on stream, can you believe that? There are other channels with TR walkthroughs and gameplay videos as well, but nothing comes close to what his videos had to offer. His walkthroughs were brilliant, his commentary was hilarious, his videos were... uplifting. Quality content at its finest on a channel so underrated. His disappearance has put all of his viewers and fans in state of grief. Usually when content creators and artists leave like this, their fans can still watch or listen to their content... an artist lives forever through his content that he/she puts out there for others to enjoy. Matt has just disappeared overnight... and his entire archive of content has been taken away from the community. A few videos made by his fans can be found on YT. One of which mention that he is thankfully okay and has taken this decision by choice; he wanted to probably focus on his job as a more stable source of income or something. That's all understandable and is a fair decision, but he could have left his years of nostalgic content as an archive for the community. It's still unclear as to why he decided to delete everything... Those videos will surely live forever in the memories, that's for damn sure... Just thought about writing it all down here since this is the only forum that I really use nowadays. I used to rewatch his Tomb Raider 2 & 3 walkthroughs a lot, especially during the lockdown period. So is there anyone else who knew Matt or used to watch his videos? Any info regarding the man himself or where to find any of his videos again would be appreciated.