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  1. So Rockstar Games just released the trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 PC version! Anyone else excited!?
  2. Rosh Fragger

    Best FPS game (Aside from Doom)

    I personally love the Far Cry series.
  3. Rosh Fragger

    A open world Doom wad - Is it possible?

    Remastered Version:
  4. Rosh Fragger

    TOP 10 must-play wads for somebody who didn't play wads?

    Struggle - Antaresian Legacy
  5. Rosh Fragger

    ZDS #632 - DooM2 BETA!

  6. Doom 2 was my very first doom game as a kid. When I first started out, I didn't know I could "run" using the Shift key. And so I remember getting stuck on Map02 for quite a long time, never making through the window. :P
  7. Rosh Fragger

    What's the best gun in Doom II?

    Bee Eff Jee Nine Thousand
  8. Rosh Fragger

    A wad file i just made, named WHYYYYYY cause WHYYYYYY

    I think players would more prefer to fight just a single Cyber and/or SMM that actually attacked, instead of hundreds of those "friendly" ones.