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  1. The_SloVinator

    Lunar Catastrophe - An Ultimate Doom Megawad (RELEASED!)

    Oh. This is on my radar. I'll give this a shot some day.
  2. Last cap before I finish the map. Small bad news, though. My mouse wheel stopped working but I ordered a new mouse, so I'll get to work as soon as I get it. I could continue but with mouse wheel, it's faster & easier. haha Oh & the name of the map will be: Orphanage
  3. Making progress. Works on Chocolate Doom but I took screenshots with Crispy for better quality caps. Still need to come up with the name.
  4. So, map 5 is in episode 1 right? Like in DooM 2?
  5. I volunteer. Map 05 slot if possible.
  6. The_SloVinator

    Mappers' first world problems

    Managing item/monster placement for every difficulty. I always hesitate to do this because I know people won't play my maps on any skill level except UV & it's actually tedious to do.
  7. The_SloVinator

    Doomworld Omega Project 2018

    Name: Raided Tomb Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m694m7sgpthozdt/dwop18.wad?dl=0 Engine: Boom Music: Not sure what's the name of the track but I found it in the Blood music folder. Possibly alpha/beta soundtrack. Description: Tried some Egyptian textures & made a quick map out of it. Additional credits: realm667, Powerslave textures, Blood music
  8. The_SloVinator

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Thank you.
  9. The_SloVinator

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Now this looks sick! Also, @bonnie, did you make that bloody writing on the wall in that shot? I have some ideas for my personal project & not sure how to do it as I never did it myself.
  10. The_SloVinator

    Does Anyone else think that TNT has godawful level design?

    After map 20, it goes downhill, especially map 27.
  11. The_SloVinator

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    This looks dope! Love the polished details.
  12. The_SloVinator

    Deadly Standards 2: The E2 standard Community Project (ALL SLOT TAKEN)

    Title: Ore Refinery Build time: About 26 days New music (if any): I hope PRIMEVAL or other composers make a track. Otherwise, I'll leave it by default. Tested with: Crispy DooM 5.1 Description: I tried something different from the map I made for the first Deadly Standards. In this one, I gave player multiple choices in the beginning. Basically, I made it non-linear & tested every way you can beat the level with pistol-start & hopefully, I managed to balance things out. Enjoy! https://www.dropbox.com/s/4advnj91jup7fn5/e2m3.zip?dl=0
  13. The_SloVinator

    Deadly Standards 2: The E2 standard Community Project (ALL SLOT TAKEN)

    Last screeniess I will share before the full release of the map. Fixed some details in the first one to look more natural. Other than that, it is going very well. Hopefully, I'll finish this soon. I came up with the name of the map: Ore Refinery
  14. The_SloVinator

    Slaughterfest WADs: Pro or Anti?

    I'm anti. It's artificial difficulty meant for you to trial & error all the way & bore you to death by constant BFG or rocket spam into the crowd. Other weapons are deemed useless automatically. DooM is meant to enjoy the aesthetics, music, fair challenge, core gameplay & other cool designs. Not fighting 100 revenants in tight huge rooms that luck depends on your survival. Fuck that.
  15. The_SloVinator

    Deadly Standards 2: The E2 standard Community Project (ALL SLOT TAKEN)

    Possibly hidden switches? Anyways, my progress has been going quite well. About 45 % done with a map.