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  1. The_SloVinator

    Double Impact

    EDIT: It appears Tag 666 doesn't execute properly in some source ports or if complevel is below 3. Let me get E1M8 out of the way first because it's the most confusing thing I've witnessed in a Doom wad. So, you got four switches that kill four barons outside of the map, to make two walls & four marble cubes lower. Basically, a special tag 666 situation. I press all four switches & nothing happens after I wait for awhile. I tried with PrBoom, PrBoom, GzDoom 2.4.0 & on the latter, only worked once. I looked up the walkthrough of it & there is nothing I did different from the people playing it but they got it to work somehow. It's very strange. If anyone knows what's up, I'd like to know. The rest of the wad is alright. Maps are way too lengthy and forgettable & just cluttered with too many enemies. Traps are fairly challenging & were the best part of the wad. But all that wasn't worth it for the last map of the wad to crap on me. Totally not worth a Cacoward 2011.
  2. The_SloVinator

    Good Horror games

    - System Shock 1 & particularly 2. - Doom 3 is also a good one, though many hate it due to being more of a horror game rather than a straight arcade shooter. - Tokyo Dark, a point & click detective anime-style game with moral decisions & their consequences on your character's mental state that affect the endings you get. For an indie game, it's really good. Not really a huge fan of the genre since they don't really scare me that much. System Shock games had me feel uneasy due to disturbing themes, Doom 3 legit scared me when I was younger & Tokyo Dark kept me playing due to interesting story-line & mysterious nature.
  3. The_SloVinator

    Monuments of Mars

    Fairly challenging & balanced. Very beautiful visuals with lava & stars in the sky really fitting together.
  4. The_SloVinator

    Most favorite level from Episode 3

    E3M2 (I like the hand thing.), E3M3 & E3M6 (The open area with tons of demons to shoot).
  5. The_SloVinator

    Which map is harder, E4M1 Hell Beneath or E4M2 Perfect Hatred?

    E4M2 is tougher. E4M1 can be hard if you go UV-max due to ammo starvation. Health isn't really an issue for me. I have played Doom enough to try to use cover wisely & dodge enemy projectiles just right. E4M2 actually forces you to fight tough demons right away on cramped platforms with lacking ammunition, so you gotta strategize a lot & save some ammo with monster infighting. Hardest part for me was the room with plasma rifle & yellow skull key with about five barons attacking you from all sides. So, the only reason why they are tough for me, is because of ammo starvation.
  6. The_SloVinator

    How did you come up with your username?

    I like the word "Terminator" & Doom but someone is already using it here, so I changed it to Slovenia/Terminator. The_SloVinator Since I live in that "nobody has ever heard of" country.
  7. The_SloVinator

    Finally, I own it!!!

    Happy birthday! I'm still contemplating to start my own doom collection or rather 90's FPS collection.
  8. The_SloVinator

    Your thoughts on TNT Evilution

    TNT Evilution did seem to be quite inconsistent with quality of the map design but the point where it goes downhill & deep, I might add, is after map 20. Huge empty maps, cryptic puzzles, ugly texture usage & overall, really tedium experience. Fuck map 27. The new tracks are good, except for Death's Bells & Into the Beast's Belly. Well, they are good tracks but a bit too loud for my taste. The rest of the levels are quite decent. Nothing really special. It seems it's less difficult than Plutonia & a bit harder than Doom 2. However, I have to say that TNT really brings that adventurous feeling to it. That & it has new music, as I mentioned. Playing it for the first time around 2005/06 really caught me off guard with those two strong points. So, both Plutonia & TNT have their good points & some bad points. So, overall, it's alright.
  9. The_SloVinator

    Favorite Source Port?

    Chocolate Doom/Crispy Doom for classic style PWADs, Boom for boom compatible stuff & GZDoom for any mods or technical advanced stuff.
  10. The_SloVinator

    Legacy Of Suffering - v1.01

    Awful experience. I'm giving it two stars due to nice visuals & decent map designs but this is where the positives stop. The quadruple shotgun's controls suck. Primary firing mode fires barrels separately while secondary fires all four simultaneously. If ONLY one shell is missing in the shotgun, pressing the secondary button will reload the gun instead of firing the rest three shells inside. Also, firing all four shells with a primary button won't actually reload the weapon. In fact, the game will tell you to reload, so you have to press the secondary fire button just to reload it. Regular shotgun has a huge spread. Heck, no weapon is good at taking enemies down from a distance in this mod. Pistol is absent & the weapon keys are oddly placed. '2' slot is a regular & super shotgun, '3' is quad shotgun, '4' is a chaingun & chaingun with rocket launcher mounted on it & '5' is a plasma rifle. Most of the time, I got confused with these buttons & at the worst moments, like places with hordes of enemies, I took quite a punishment for switching weapons nonstop due to the weird design, causing large annoyance. The author stated that it is basically Doom 3 with classic gameplay. Well, I assure you that the mod's amazing ambiance & atmosphere is destroyed by so much enemy spam, cheap moments & strange weapon keys, it's ridiculous. The AI's behavior is also modified. Zombies have sliding attack to surprise you & some new attacks are implemented into enemies. Not a bad thing but combined with the flaws mentioned above...yeah. Not fun. Enemy spam or hordes are usually either frustrating to fight or just plain tedium & borefest. I'm not too keen about the regenerating health but since the gameplay is so poorly designed for the most part, it did help ironically. The way demons teleport is also questionable & there are lots of arena battles. Lots of them. There are some pointless cutscenes & Painkiller soundtrack killed it for me. I like that soundtrack better in the Painkiller itself since the game isn't a horror game. Automap is useless. Nothing is displayed except for the player indicator. The reason for such thing is unknown. In conclusion I don't recommended it. Doom 3 had perfect ambiance & atmosphere, so this could've been amazing fan-made thingy but instead, we got basically salt & sugar mixed together or in this case, horror/ambiance & slaughterfest. They just don't go together.
  11. The_SloVinator

    Things that ruined my entire day....You?

    My lazy co-worker.
  12. Which would fit Doom guy the most in your opinion? Hell, you can even choose one for Ranger or Caleb or anybody in the old-school FPS universe, really. And theme songs can be from any fighting games you know, love or at least listen to its soundtrack. I think Doom guy's theme would actually be
  13. The_SloVinator

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Tried some Powerslave texture pack & I really like it.
  14. The_SloVinator

    Doom 3: Primary Exavation Site

    Well done! Someone should actually remake this in Doom 3. That would be sweet!
  15. The_SloVinator


    I never trusted video game publications & reviews, especially with all the controversies surrounding "being paid for what to say or write", so I make my own opinions.