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  1. The_SloVinator

    TNT Goes Boom! Episode 1 - TNT Evilution Replacement

    Fixed it! Good find.
  2. The_SloVinator

    TNT Goes Boom! Episode 1 - TNT Evilution Replacement

    Awesome to hear! Will PM you tomorrow if I can. Tired as hell right now. lol
  3. I present you: TNT Goes Boom! Episode 1 (First 6 maps), a TNT replacement. Info behind the wad: Back in May or June I replayed TNT Evilution & thus had this inspiration to make my own re-imagining of TNT wad. Episode 1 is finished, so I decided to release it & while it has been playtested by few people (including myself), I appreciate more feedback from you guys as I do plan to continue the development. No promises! WAD Info: - Name: TNT Goes Boom! - IWAD: TNT.wad - Maps: 6 - Difficulty selection: Yes - Source port: Chocolate Doom & above - Pistol start: Yes (hopefully balanced) - Dehacked: No but I do plan to implement in the future. - Custom textures/music: No TNT_Goes_BooM.zip Screenies:
  4. The_SloVinator

    the f#ck that thread

    Fuck procrastination & demotivation.
  5. The_SloVinator

    Your opinion on id's RAGE?

    Decent game that needed more development time or at least some good polish. Though, in 2011 an FPS to have you carry more than two guns wasn't that common due to CoD clones at the time, so that was a huge plus. Some bugs & underwhelming ending. Vehicle controls could've been better & maybe weapon swapping could be faster. Fun side quests. I'd give it a 6.5/10 maybe 7 if I'm generous.
  6. The_SloVinator

    Post a picture of yourself!

    I legit thought you posted a picture of someone else. lol
  7. The_SloVinator

    Do you feel the Doom Eternal community is becoming toxic?

    Unfortunately, a lot of gamers nowadays are like this & I feel like these new expansions for Doom Eternal are being only made for specific hardcore fans that love the adrenaline challenge or find main game easy on Nightmare. The fact that Id introduced the spirit mechanics that make enemies more bullet-spongy, doesn't exactly sound fun to me. But expressing that would only lead to toxic/immature replies. Not here but on reddit or Bethesda forums etc... When COD games were massively popular back in the day, old-school fans would trash talk the new gamers & call them casuals for playing COD since the series was known to hold your hands blatantly & how COD ruined FPS for making them too easy. Now, that we have Doom Eternal & possibly other hard games (Souls games), these old-school fans finally have that 'See, THIS is how FPS/in-general games should be. If you think it's hard, git gud casual scum'. That's just my theory. It's 2020 & people still can't respect each other's tastes & opinions. What can you do. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. The_SloVinator

    Your opinion on Twitter?

    Twitter gives you tools to customize your timeline the way you see fit, which is one of the reasons I still have a Twitter account. That being said, my timeline is full of good vidya stuff. But yes, the site can be very toxic, especially on a political side. It feels like people finally have something to vent their frustration & sound like they have an authority over everything because they received over 1k of likes/retweets. It can get into your head easily. I suggest to the new comers that you join a community you see fit & filter garbage away. And don't let it overwhelm you mentally. I know this from the experience.
  9. The_SloVinator

    NaNoWADMo 2020 - The month-long mapping challenge!

    I plan on completing it some time in the future.
  10. The_SloVinator

    NaNoWADMo 2020 - The month-long mapping challenge!

    Well, so what have I learned from this project? I set my goal to speedmap every day in October but end up speedmapping only for two or three days till I lost ideas for the next few maps. Changed from speedmapping to causal mapping & that helped a bit but not much. I made 5 maps & I consider that as an achievement since I have never made 5 maps in a month before, at least not the ones that I really adore. Unfortunately I failed to reach my goal of finishing E1 replacement in a month but I do plan to keep these maps for my future projects or perhaps actually make an E1 replacement. Who know. It was an interesting experience & I don't regret joining it. Bottom line is this. Speedmapping isn't for me. I prefer when I put down the layout of my map on the paper & write down what I'll include in my map. Then start making it in the builder. It is possible to get good at speedmapping but it definitely isn't for everyone. Maybe in the future I'll try it again for shits & giggles. Thank you for this project. :)
  11. The_SloVinator

    Your greatest achievement?

    At work each week, we are given two fruit & veggie items to "speed up" the sale. They have full prices. So, basically my coworker who is in charge of the fruit & veggie section, was on a summer vacation. I took over his position for two weeks. In order to speed up the sale, we need to expand these two items any way possible, so that it brings attention to the customers. I did my best to make sure that those sales were as big as possible for those two weeks. - Make sure it's fresh or at least looks fresh - If it's an item you can cut in half, cut it as much as possible. Not all customers want an entire melon or cabbage for example. - Make sure it doesn't have dirt in it (watermelons usually do) - If customers see the items at the entrance to fruit & veggie section, there is a higher chance for them to purchase it. So, I got results at the start of the new week & my hypermarket (in my town) was number one in the entire country (out of more than 100 stores of the same brand) to sell the most of those four items we were given those two weeks I was in charge with. Needless to say, it was one of the greatest feeling I've had. Still proud of that. As for gaming, I think Serious Sam Revolution 'Sam I am' achievement is something I felt so good getting it after near 2 month grind. 100,001 kills might look fast to get in a Sam game but it's not. Had to replay SSR on Serious difficulty about 7 times.
  12. The_SloVinator

    Your mapping fears

    - Whenever I make a new area & tried to make it as accurate as the image in my mind for it. Biggest fear is not making it as good as in the image. - Procrastination. Need I say more? - Monster placements. I have a big anxiety over that. I'm never sure if it's a fun encounter or not. - I also fear that I might make a map too repetitive with samey traps or encounters.
  13. The_SloVinator

    Doomworld International thread

    I'm from Slovenia. (hence the name Slovinator cuz I'm an unoriginal twat) Small country formerly part of Yugoslavia that borders with Italy, Austria, Hungary & Croatia. Looks like a chicken on a map according to some people. Well known for Triglav (highest mountain), lake Bled & its cream cake (insanely overrated dessert but not bad). Oh & pop-folk music. Crime & natural disasters here are kind of low. The worst natural disaster we get is flooded areas & very strong winds. One tornado appeared in 1986 but didn't last long. As for crimes, no serial killers since last one committed suicide 13 years ago & no mass shooters. Though, there are homicides but they are usually family related & some robberies, usually ATM related. Other than that, nothing really special. Peaceful country for the most part.
  14. The_SloVinator

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Oh shit, bruh! Contra was my 'Doom' before I played FPS games. Uh oh. What have i done?! I sold these tomatoes to people! D: We better get ready for the inevitable demonic invasion.
  15. The_SloVinator

    Tell Me Something About Yourself!

    Might as well just leave this here. I'm a 27 year old idiot who is too scared to leave his comfort zone to become better at something in life, has emotional issues sometimes irl & I feel like I've failed on most things that others have achieved. I have no girlfriend & never dated, was too scared to be called a creep & too scared to be punched by a boyfriend who I had no idea that random girlfriend had. Constantly insecure, worried about dumb things, tries to be productive but ends up being lazy & doing nothing. Every. Single. Day The only thing I end up doing is watching streamers & listening to vg music at home. I barely game or map for some odd reason. Feels like I have to force myself to do those things. My interests in things quickly change, sometimes they just plummet. Awful life i have but hey, if that's me, that's me.