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  1. Fixed. Removed that monster block line. Lowered the ceiling in the shotgun computer area.
  2. I'll think about it. Thank you all for your advice.
  3. I get ya. I'm not that social person either. I was introverted as hell before my first job 3 years ago. I still am kind of. Maybe talk to someone you can trust your issues to. It does help. At least for me it did. I asked my parents if they think I'm addicted to computer & video games in general, as I was insecure about it since I spend quite a bit time on those things & we sort it out. I know it's not easy but try to solve your issues in some way.
  4. I personally never really cared what others thought of me & my accomplishments or my doings in my life. I do what I see fit for myself. My parents gave me some advice & that's it. The people who have high expectations about me, never really put themselves into my shoes & thought about it & never really care about their own things which I believe will make them regret & see the mistakes they have made. Society fails to realize people have different viewpoint of everything & different hobbies, wishes, etc... so that's why if someone seems unhappy with me, I just brush it off & move along, including my parents. I listen to what they say & take some advice but if they think I don't go by societal standards, whatever. They can't stop me in that regard. Bottom line is this. We should all care about our own future & things in lives & help each other. Not make people feel like they let you down because that's just not gonna improve the situation
    Played on UV. Unique & quite fun megawad. Love the voodoo tricks. However, map 22 is horribly unbalanced. Also, map 21 has an interesting idea but doesn't work for us average doom players. I do recommend it.
  5. You used a soundfont to record this, right? I'm unfamiliar with this stuff. How do you record the in-game midi file and which soundfont do you use?
  6. I guess. I'll see.
  7. Ok... I think I'll stick to simple conversion to mp3. Also, should I include screenshots of each map from the megawad for each track in the video or just a still image or the title picture?
  8. If I convert MIDI files to WAV or MP3, it changes the tone. Doesn't sound like a MIDI file & I'm not sure how people will perceive that. I don't mind uploading it that way but will DooM fans enjoy it? That's something I need a clear answer or an opinion on. I like how it sounds myself but I dunno. What's your take on this?
  9. Was thinking of making a youtube channel with PWAD music compilations. One megawad per video. However, I'm not sure 100 % if I should. Need your opinion. Also, I dunno the right software to render midi files together. Vegas doesn't support midi, nor Camtasia 8. Need some tips on that. If it's gonna be possible to make a channel, what should I include in the description? Asking, so I won't forget. I know crediting is a must, timestamps, from which wad is it, which level...
  10. E1M4: Research Station Author: The_SloVinator Description: Something I threw together on a whim. Music: Kitchen Ace (And Taking Names) by Bobby Prince Build time: 4 days, 1-2 hours each day
  11. I know Scythe 2 had that uneasy music in map 16 "Mr.X" called "SA-X arrival". Or hell, map 10 & its "frozen in time" track. As for the IWADs, not a single track spooked me.
  12. Thanks for a clarification.
  13. I know. I was curious if there is a way that doesn't replace the base content.
  14. A quick question. I was thinking of replacing keen with Afrit monster & is it possible for this kind of project?