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Status Updates posted by The_SloVinator

  1. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/megawads/tntgb

    TNT Goes Boom! is live on idgames!

    Many thanks to all of you for participating in quality control & contributions!


  2. It is done! Check it out!


    1. taufan99


      Congrats on the final release!

  3. So, a little 'hype' update for those who follow my work:


    TNT Goes Boom! is nearing completion. I still have some playtesting & skill implementation to do plus some easy miscellaneous stuff but nonetheless, it's getting a release this year for sure!

    After I'm done with what I have to do, I'll release it on Doomworld obviously as RC1, so we can still find some issues that I've possibly missed & then it would finally go to idgames and I'll be finally done with this massive solo project I challenged myself to create on May 2020.


    I had the previous two weeks off & it helped tremendously, so I'm contemplating taking another one (since we were told that we have to spend as much of old vacation days as possible this year), just so I can speed up the rest of the work I still have to do for this megawad.


    Stay tuned!

  4. Hello folks! Hope you are doing well!


    So, this is a very trivial thing but I'm on the fence on whenever should I remove the underscore from my name or keep it. Will this affect anything with my contributions history or even future releases?


    What do you folks think?

    1. Catpho


      If you are worried about archival issues, it's always a inherent risk. I wouldn't let this deter you from changing your name to whatever you want. Besides, you have a Doom wiki article. A simple link to it should solve wadography problems.

    2. The_SloVinator


      I see. Well, I think I'll just leave it the way it is. It's for the better.

      Thank you.

  5. Happy 29th anniversary of DooM!

    I'll also make an update for you guys about my TNT Goes Boom! project since I haven't really released anything since April of 2021, excluding community project contributions.


    Episode 3 is finished map layout-wise, so currently I'm populating/playtesting them in order (from map 12 to map 20 + secret maps). Hopefully, I'll release it maybe on January if December won't allow it since it's quite a busy month at work & coming home exhausted doesn't help much. heh


    As for the rest of the megawad, I predict that 2023 could be the year the whole thing will be released, at least at the end of that year. I heard John Romero has some wads up his sleeves but that won't stop me from releasing it around the same time he does. After all, having two new wads to play is better than one. ;)

    Unless I luck out & release it way earlier but I have doubts about that.


    I have another thing in the works but I won't reveal it publicly and/or release it episodically. It will be a secret for now & it's not a priority, obviously. Just like a side thing.



    Love all of you & thank you for any knowledge you guys shared with me about Doom mapping/modding & any help you guys offered me.


    The_SloVinator aka DooMinator

  6. I know you haven't been active in a long time but I wish you the best & I hope you are doing well.

    TNT Goes Boom has been kind of slow lately due to irl stuff & other interests I'm currently pursuing but nonetheless, the progress is being made.


    Would love to thank you again for the things you made for my megawad. <3

  7. Nice avatar. I recognize that dude. lol

  8. Oh man. It's been half a decade since I joined this site? Seems like only yesterday.

    1. taufan99


      Happy 5th anniversary!

    2. Toilet_Wine_Connoisseur
    3. Catpho


      Hope you stick around! The world needs another 5 years (or more!) of SloVinator maps ;)

  9. Deus Vult 2


    Back to Saturn X have returned.


    Can't wait for Scythe X to return.

    It had huge potential.

  10. I'd like my wad on idgames to be removed. Who do I contact?

    1. BigDickBzzrak
    2. The_SloVinator


      Thank you. Will try that.