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  1. It's almost frightening how much effort and heart went into making this promotional anime video for McDonald's. 



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    2. geo


      Fantastic video.


      I love the fact that they show a bit of the insanity of working there in a brief clip, but they also show that McDonald's is just a stepping stone and you're not supposed to work there for the rest of your life. Here in Chicago the McDonald's workers went on strike because they live in a high tax area and have kids... that's the thing you're not supposed to work there until your dying days even as a manager.

      Then again... how can they staff lunch and breakfast if all their employees are in high school?

    3. Ajora


      @Walter confetti You're thinking of director Mamoru Hosoda. I haven't found anything linking him to the video, but it has his style written all over it. 

    4. Ajora