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  1. Nic Cage is awesome. Even his really, objectively bad movies are often great in their own way. Multiple images in one post are fine. Please don't double post.
  2. You mentioned a game called Gore, but I'm not sure if you were referring to Gore Galore. Those have got to be the wimpiest ninjas I've ever seen in a video game.
  3. I was hoping that someone would attempt to modernize this game. The original was ugly, buggy, and controlled horribly, but I really liked its overall style and intent. This is from the same guy working on BloodGDX. http://m210.duke4.net/index.php
  4. Been awhile since I've played Hexen. I like it, but I prefer Heretic. It's definitely a bit more ambitious than Heretic, and the graphics are pretty amazing for the Doom engine, but the hub format doesn't really seem to suit this style of gameplay that well. Somehow, the areas just feel a bit less connected to one another, even though the whole point was to design grand, interwoven environments with adventure game elements. While I was playing through the second hub, the elevator door in the temple become irrevocably jammed, which resulted in my having to noclip my way in and out of the location.
  5. The evidence that he faked his high scores for Donkey Kong seems virtually irrefutable, and his responses, I think are pretty weak. I know a lot of people don't like Billy very much (can't say I blame them), but this is hugely damaging towards Twin Galaxies more than anything.
  6. Here you go. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/view-image/jpcmhcelnjdmblfmjabdeclccemkghjk
  7. That wasn't my point. I shared another instance of someone telling me that nobody cared about something, even though it was an extreme point of interest throughout all of New Jersey at the time. A lot of these kinds of things are extremely relative. Likewise, King of Kong was and still is a very well liked movie, even to people that don't play video games.
  8. "I don't care about this particular story/point of interest, therefore nobody else does." I remember someone once telling me that nobody cared about the George Washington Bridge lane closure scandal, even though it was at the time of my bringing it up, the single most talked about thing happening in the state of New Jersey.
  9. I had no idea until now that he attempted to sue the Cartoon Network over a silly caricature in The Regular Show. That is some weak hot sauce right there.
  10. I liked G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra a lot, but thought Retaliation was just okay. I should probably watch that Dragon Ball movie. Looks like it would be fun with enough booze.
  11. If news about them being finished is true, then I'm personally more disappointed that we won't be getting System Shock 3 or that reissue of Powerslave.
  12. This is a bit strange. Playing Hexen, I've noticed that switching between items using my mouse wheel isn't consistently working. Using the next and previous item functions with the keyboard always works fine, but that usually isn't the case when using the mouse wheel. Usually I won't be able to cycle through my inventory using the mouse wheel at all, but later on (I believe when the number count on the different types of items I have changes*) I might be able to use the wheel normally, or other times I'll cycle back or ahead several spaces in one wheel click, as opposed to one. edit: *Yup, the functionality definitely changes whenever the number of different item types I have changes.
  13. I've been playing River Raid, Alien (based on the motion picture) and Fire Fly, all for the 2600.
  14. I get the impression that you're presently trying to pursue recreational goals that you're working hard at (possibly Doom mapping), and are hoping to greatly profit from. However, you're fearful that your endeavours won't financially pay off as much as you'd like, and you might need to direct your energies towards more traditional means of providing for yourself.
  15. To my memory, the Beanie Baby craze that happened in the mid to late nineties was nowhere near as hysterical in Canada as it was in America. I vaguely recall just kind of raising an eyebrow at the whole thing, without fully understanding why so many people were obsessed with hoarding the silly things. In retrospect, it's quite the intriguing saga, underlined with themes of greed, shortsightedness, and even murder. If you look up the rarest Beanie Babies on eBay, you'll see some of them desperately trying to be sold off for upwards of $3,000, but some of them will also be going for around $10. The comic book industry also tried to inflate its own self-worth around the same time by overproducing a lot of poorly written no.1 collectors edition comics. Economic bubbles are a really fascinating thing to examine.
  16. I care very little about Doom's plot, but it's nice that it's there. I'll vouch on behalf of DoDonPachi's plot, which (to my understanding) boils down to being about an exiled legion of robotic killer bees on the moon sending waifus back in time to exterminate the human species.
  17. Not sure how it happened, but I've gotten sucked into playing Kid Icarus. I've beaten it before, but I used a password, so in my mind, that doesn't count. It's decent, but slippery platforming and eggplant wizards make it more frustrating than it should be. Seriously, what the hell is up with those bloody eggplant wizards? edit: Hmm, that wasn't so bad. The first world is a doozy, but the game gets significantly easier after that. That's that then.
  18. There were a few other people that became incredibly rich off of selling them. I remember reading about an 11-year-old who made his family multimillionaires off of buying and selling Beanies. But in the end, far more people lost money than profited.
  19. Try Aliens: Colonial Marines for GZDoom if you haven't. It's exponentially superior in every way possible.
  20. Don't care who you are. When you encourage someone to commit suicide on a message board, that should be an instant ban without appeal. I don't have any toleration for that kind of bullshit.