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  1. erni94

    [v1.5] Doom 64: Retribution

    I just have one question for you, if you plan to add additional monsters from Doom 64 TC or Nightmare Spectre and Nightmare Cacodemon?
  2. erni94

    [v1.5] Doom 64: Retribution

    It looks very interesting, I wish you success in your work :)
  3. erni94

    Help Update Doomsday Engine Doom 64 TC

    I wanted to replace files doomsday engine so as to update it to the latest version and wanted to do it because it encouraged me to play additional options such as a few new levels, monsters, etc.
  4. erni94

    Help Update Doomsday Engine Doom 64 TC

    I've played Doom 64 EX and now I wanted to go for comparison Doom 64 TC can do something about it?
  5. Hello everyone, I have a request to all or could someone explain to me, or show how to upgrade the Doomsday Engine Doom 64 TC? I tried many times to swap files but none of my methods will not work if someone help me?
  6. erni94

    PSX Doom TC Font Question

    I have one question for all, if there is ever a way that the whole PSX Doom TC (with the lost levels) was the font of the final doom?, It seems to me that those more red font with final doom is better and I wanted it all over PSX Doom TC, let's do something about it?
  7. erni94

    Favorite Mod?

    Levels:BTSX,Doom 2 Reloaded,Whispers of Satan,PRCP,Jenesis,Hellbound Gameplay:Guncaster,Trailblazer and Russian Overkill
  8. erni94

    Cacowards 2016 Nomination Thread

    For Best Gameplay Mod +1 for Trailblazer and +1 for Guncaster Made by PillowBlaster, His fashion are just great and very entertaining play Doom :D
  9. erni94

    Official Tutorial Request Thread

    Hello all, I have all request and at the same time question , looking on the internet the full tutorial to doom builder but in the Polish language as medium of my English so I was able to learn how to use it and I would love to embrace , if there is someone able to help me in this topic ? , in advance thank you very much for your help (if I put on a bad division is very sorry and had no idea where to insert )