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  1. johnnyledger1

    The Library - UDMF Atmospheric Map

    Fantastic feel! Can't wait for more. Would also like a surprise twist of action!
  2. johnnyledger1

    In Loving Memory ( NanowadMo 2020) - V2 (V3 on idgames!)

    Long time Lurker like second time poster? Anyways just want to say I love Bison BC. Would love to see them some day south of Canada. Love the use of their music in Doom. Looking forward to more!
  3. johnnyledger1

    Agony: 3 maps I made for Doom 4 years ago

    Greetings, Sorry to necropost. but I played about half of Baculus so far and took a break and played map 1 of your Cereal Killer. Not going to lie, you are my new favorite mapper. Anywho..I looked you up to see what other stuff you put out. Any chance you still have this file? Keep up the great work! Love playing your maps! Peace!
  4. johnnyledger1

    "Somewhere in Time": 15 vanilla maps - RELEASED!!!

    I must say this is very polished compared to whatever I played a year ago maybe? But I still love it! I play it on Edge with the mod Doom4ever.wad. It plays really well together. I even played it on Gzdoom vanilla. Very cool. I love the music. I don't get what the hate is, but I like the progression of the wad. Never a dull moment. Classic!
  5. johnnyledger1

    Your megawads recommendations

    Don't know if already mentioned but: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/rdeimosa I had a blast with these levels. And they look great to boot. Maybe not everyone's cup o tea, but it was one of the few I did not take time between levels to return and play again.
  6. johnnyledger1

    Cacowards 2016 Nomination Thread

    +1 RF1024 I would also like to nominate https://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/67713-dimensions-of-hell-e2-mayan-maps/ Just over all fun maps! I guess it was started some time ago but new maps were added this year.
  7. Dragonfly's map was the coolest usage of a Wolf 3d environment i have ever seen. That was a blast. Close corners but the color usage was amazing.
  8. johnnyledger1

    That "special" or top gameplay factor.

    Good lighting. Indoor to Outdoor areas. Progressive build of difficulty. Lots of new custom content. It just adds to it, but nothing that subtracts from the orig. intent of Doom if that makes sense? All of these are top game elements for me. I just realized you are looking for wad names. I will find those soon. Sorry for the double post. A little new here.
  9. Just wondering and can not find it in the previous threads for the life of me. Did not know where else to ask. Is there not already a "Turn 1994 DM maps into Sp maps, and tune them up" thread? If so I am interested in that one.
  10. johnnyledger1

    Bloody Rust (Now on IDGames)

    So map 02 of this is map 1 of Aya1.wad? Any ways i loved this version as well. Sorry if this was mentioned before. Gangrel you are still at the top of your game.
  11. johnnyledger1

    Any good realistic gore mods that aren't Brutal Doom?

    Doom Forever for Edge is an astonishing mod. The gore system is good there. It has all the elements of the modern fps's but none of the over the topness of Brutal and all its derivatives. It even adds its own flair. I would recommend spending some time using Edge and trying it out. Even if you do use Zdoom/Gzdoom etc. I do to, but oh man is it fun to play the classics with this mod. Edge has always been a favorite for me though.
  12. For Speedmaps these were great. Took me a few tries toward the end. Keep em coming.
  13. johnnyledger1

    Bloody Rust (Now on IDGames)

    Loving the first map so far. Really confused as to how it is considered bad. Also could Joe release his map or is there a link for it, so I can try it out after I finish this. I really would like to just play maps and not see bickering. If a map sucks, take it out. Makes sense to me. I had not been following this was in the least bit till today, would love to see what did not make the cut. What was the orig thread btw, I wanted to know the overall theme of the maps. If some one could link that please.
  14. johnnyledger1

    Do you replay wads?

    I do. Mostly to try out a new mod. Or to try the same one with a different mod. i played both BTSX the first time with a mix of Particle Fire Enhancer and Heretic's version of Weapons of Saturn. It worked out well. Now I am trying it over with Beautiful Doom's current version. Same with Vangaurd, Da Will, and Suitcase of Gor. These are just my favs so far. So yeah, I replay them, when something fun comes out to go with it. I also have a tendency to always try out Eternal Doom every year. The first map, is just so good. When I started playing Doom back in the day, Eternal was the first thing I played as a pwad. I always played it on Edge with Immoral Combat.
  15. Hello all. New to the forums as member. Long time watcher. Anyways, I just wanted to say to the people out there who wonder if a wad is decent from just comments alone. I say play it first then find out. I do not understand the taste of some when it comes to the sounds on this map. I love the sounds. Maps like these are why I keep playing Doom. This to me pushes the bounds of Doom. I love custom content like this. From the guns, the sounds, to the slight color change in blood. It all just pops and I love it. Cacoward worthy. These kinds of levels really stand out compared to some of the slaughter maps, or speed maps. for me Detail goes a long way, as does diverse content. Now do I love all the stuff the community put out, yeah. Some speed maps and slaughter maps I have enjoyed as well. I tried it all. So I just wanted to say that I do hope more folks from different strokes make more random customized content. Brilliant. I do hope to someday join in on the content. Anwyays, have a good day all.