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  1. KneeDeepintheSludgemetal

    Scorching Earth (32 Level Megawad)

    Getting this error in both Crispy and Retrodoom "patch in png format detected"
  2. KneeDeepintheSludgemetal

    Redone classics. (possibly lesser known)

    Hi there! long time lurker. Pretty small amount of replies or posts. I was really enjoying the resurgence in classic maps being redone or re released or what have you. I am thinking of Evilcore with of course is related to Vilecore, and Realm of Chaos 25 year edition. is there anything else of that quality out there? Where its new and yet a good call back. I am playing through both of those, about half way so far. I just would love to try some others?
  3. KneeDeepintheSludgemetal

    Source Port of Choice

    I think Doom Retro is my favorite for anything non Eternity/Gzdoom driven. I can't decide between Woof or Nugget for anything else. Nugget shows the Berserk as a black med kit in the hud. So that's rad.
  4. 4 levels in, and holy shit, your combat is perfect. Love the design and color palette too. Also good use of the faster weapons. 10/10 so far. plus 1 for Cacoward.
  5. KneeDeepintheSludgemetal


    Loved playing through the first map. I am using chocolate doom Complevel 2 like you said with an original Doom 1.666 wad. I was wondering about But anyways thanks again for this. it was fun and I bet it will be wonderful as i complete it.
  6. KneeDeepintheSludgemetal

    Gom Jabbar [another minor update 4/2/24]

  7. KneeDeepintheSludgemetal

    Corpsicle - Single map for TNT

    True Detective reference hooked me. Going to play it now. Then watch the finale.
  8. KneeDeepintheSludgemetal

    [MBF21] Power Struggle

    Hey, I played through e1m1 again, loved it the first time around too. I was wondering what else do i do, to get to the new map?? Also what is the correct load order for ZDL? Thanks for the fun maps and all. I figured it out. Sorry for the bump! :-) go play this map!
  9. KneeDeepintheSludgemetal

    The Valley of Calm Trees [cl9 single level]

    I hope if I use Corruption Cards i don't get "counts ever tree in level and rebuffs the monsters" or some crazy thing. This looks amazing, will play tonight!
  10. KneeDeepintheSludgemetal

    Godless Night [GZDoom episode || RC1 11/29/2023]

    Loved finding the secret entrance to This is going to be a fun playthrough.
  11. KneeDeepintheSludgemetal

    Is this subforum new?

    holy shit. expert troll. love it! I too wondered this. thanks for clearing it up!
  12. KneeDeepintheSludgemetal

    Beta Available! [WIP] Hell Awakened 2 Episode 2: The Gateway

    Hello! ready to beta test! Thanks!
  13. KneeDeepintheSludgemetal

    Beta Available! [WIP] Hell Awakened 2 Episode 2: The Gateway

    Well I am glad to be the first commenter. I loved HA 1. Was obsessed with that PSX/d64 to PC crossover style, and that mapset was the start of that obsession. So super excited for this!
  14. Omg all I want is a three episode or full megawad of Doom levels set on different asteroids/dwarf planets.
  15. KneeDeepintheSludgemetal

    [Now on /idgames!] - El Viaje de Diciembre

    First map rips. and the visuals are amazing even for Vanilla.