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Everything posted by KneeDeepintheSludgemetal

  1. KneeDeepintheSludgemetal

    Is this subforum new?

    holy shit. expert troll. love it! I too wondered this. thanks for clearing it up!
  2. KneeDeepintheSludgemetal

    Beta Available! [WIP] Hell Awakened 2 Episode 2: The Gateway

    Hello! ready to beta test! Thanks!
  3. KneeDeepintheSludgemetal

    Beta Available! [WIP] Hell Awakened 2 Episode 2: The Gateway

    Well I am glad to be the first commenter. I loved HA 1. Was obsessed with that PSX/d64 to PC crossover style, and that mapset was the start of that obsession. So super excited for this!
  4. Omg all I want is a three episode or full megawad of Doom levels set on different asteroids/dwarf planets.
  5. KneeDeepintheSludgemetal

    [RC1 RELEASE!] - El Viaje de Diciembre

    First map rips. and the visuals are amazing even for Vanilla.
  6. that took me forever to find all the secrets. good stuff! Thank you for this!
  7. KneeDeepintheSludgemetal

    Constellation Altercation - Early Release - 18 Maps (Repost)

    I LOVE this kind of concept. Love levels and wads themed on the various planets and moons as progression for the player! Super excited to try this!
  8. KneeDeepintheSludgemetal

    MORTIFERUM.wad(Single level vanilla wad)

    I enjoyed that!
  9. KneeDeepintheSludgemetal

    MORTIFERUM.wad(Single level vanilla wad)

    Does it use music from the band Mortiferum? that would be dope. anywho. trying out now!
  10. The feel of the first map from start to finish reminds me of how i felt starting out TNT waaay back when I first played. Second map was fun too! Great start so far, just wanted to get on and say that.
  11. KneeDeepintheSludgemetal

    what is the best mod you have played?

    hands down still https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=28547 Particle Fire Enhancer Mod. It has not changed much in 10 years but it still holds up. I like to add other things to it and use them for personal mods.
  12. KneeDeepintheSludgemetal

    Fort Nemesis - Big Janky Boom Castle

    This was fun! Played HMP to try and take in the views. The visuals were awesome. Great use of those greens and reds. Was dark at times even when i played around with DarkdoomZ. But that worked for me. No idea on jankyness. I kept asking myself "Did I find the Jank?", and i did not. So on the technical side i have no clue what you meant by jank. I am sure someone else will find it, or not. Which would be cool!
  13. All the Doom megawads! Woohoo! We should compile them all into one great 2022 giant Gigawad! 2022wadandotherwads. Because we already got that one called 2022 like 2 weeks ago. Which was also fire!
  14. Played the first two levels with the DoomRetro port. Great. Played the third on Gzdoom. Also ran great! Fun maps. Lots of variety in architecture for an Ultimate Doom wad. I love the push for the player to explore everything. Thanks! Will finish the rest tonight!
  15. This soundtrack slaps. so hard. Also the map is fun! About 10 min in. Anyways back to it.
  16. KneeDeepintheSludgemetal

    Sacre Bleu - A 1-hour speedmap with a custom palette

    Great map. Played on UV on Doom Retro. Loved the use of this pallete, and the use of space for the player to move. Thought it would be quite cramped but it worked. Looking forward to more!
  17. KneeDeepintheSludgemetal

    Atonement [33 Vanilla DOOM II Maps] [Now on idgames]

    Just wanted to say the music and background ambience is amazing in this wad. Especially Earth map 1. It sounds great no matter what Port I use, but man oh man does it sound great with Retrodoom. The lighting and gameplay is great too! Thanks! That is all.
  18. i meant I played it in The Eternity Engine.
  19. Played the first level in Eternity. Amazing work. The lighting, the design and the gameplay. Top notch. Played the next three with Beautiful Doom and some other mods on Gzdoom. Still great! Looking forward to more!
  20. I found all the secrets in map 01. I loved that. I really wanted to Either way, that was a super fun map! on to map 02!
  21. KneeDeepintheSludgemetal

    Doom Beneath [E4][cl 3] updated! May 12

    I freaking love that logo.
  22. KneeDeepintheSludgemetal

    Looking for more Weapon-Upgrade type mods

    Dusted's Pandemonia has many unique features including sidegrades and special weapons. Very fun mod with lots of changes to gameplay and yet it still feels somewhat true to the nature of Doom's original format. Great alternative to Brutal Doom and all its many variations, while not being just another good Beautiful or Smooth doom. https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=60984
  23. God dang Bobby, these maps are starting to look like they aren't Doom. WOW
  24. KneeDeepintheSludgemetal

    The 10x10 Project -cl9 [/idgames]

    i remember playing it last week. I have screenshots and everything. idk where, thought i saw it here. my computer actually says jan 24th is when i took the screenshot. i loved the layout of the textures for each levels intro. and put them on my desktop as screensavers.