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  1. Thanks for your reply! Saw that and commented already. Used to play CS quite a bit so was interested in that! Thanks anyway :)
  2. Hi and thanks for your answer! I will be looking at Zandronum bots then. Thanks. Any other suggestions/links are greatly appreciated. EDIT: So apparently Zandronum is in C++ not C. I need it to be in C. Thanks.
  3. Hi and thanks for your answer! I am aware of some bot (literally a bot that plays the game alone without human input) called ACBot which used to work on Doom Legacy. I don't have much information on it since I didn't find a lot of information about it online. If an auto-play bot is not available, some form of aim hack or wall hack (even for a single player game) will work for me. Not sure I made myself clear enough.
  4. Hi. Once again, apologies if this is in the wrong forum section! I downloaded DOOM Legacy source (1.45.2_source on sourceforge) and compiled it using the make command and parameters LINUX=1 HAVE_MIXER=1 DEBUG=1. I downloaded the DOOM 1 shareware WAD along with the legacy wad provided on sourceforge and put them in the same directory of the binary executable. When I run the game I am presented with a screen containing a number of text fields for the paths of the Home directory, Doomwaddir directory etc. My Home and Doomwaddir paths are filled in correctly but the other 3 paths (config, switch, IWAD) are empty. My wads are in the same directory of the executable, so it should be ok. The problem is that when I chose the difficulty, the game crashes. It kinda freezes and doesn't start the game. I know that the wad is ok since it runs with Chocolate DOOM and it fails with a different legacy.wad file (downloaded elsewhere). I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I'm working on Linux too, so I should be ok. Any ideas? Thanks. EDIT: Same problem as EDIT 1 here: https://www.doomworld.com/vb/post/1352901
  5. Hi. I am working on a project on game cheat detection therefore I need an open source game and a cheat/bot/hack for that game. The open source game I am using is DOOM (that is why I'm here...) but I am yet to find a cheat/bot/hack. I am using Chocolate DOOM on Linux (using a DOOM 1 wad, but that is not really relevant I think) at the moment but I can easily change the source/port I am using. Does anyone have any links to some downloadable cheat/bot/hack please. Thanks :) P.S. Not sure if I posted in the right section. Apologies if not :)