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  1. Nah. .I think they are pretty fucking big. If they were even bigger they simply wouldn't be able to fit in the medium sized doors/corridors.
  2. I did it! YEEES! God that was intense. Well that's that I guess. Shame id didn't make a congratulations screen or something. Kinda was hoping to see something like that after the credits. Oh well. Still I'm pretty fucking proud of myself.
  3. Fuck! ! ! Just died on the last fucking wave before the final boss. Jesus FUCKING Christ. .I'm not doing this shit again. No way.
  4. Yup. Happened to me a few times and caused me to die.
  5. Good news! I hope id will implement good physics in their next tech/game!
  6. Just imagine the amount of ragdoll flap going on with this mod
  7. I think my favorite is The Baron chainsaw kill. .It's like BZZZ there goes the leg and then BZZZ EAT IT BITCH! ! ! !
  8. There is "real" infighting in the game. I saw hellknight beating the shit out of an Imp for shooting him with a fireball on Foundry a couple of times. There were some more but I don't remember the combatants. But yeah. .They are EXTREMELY rare!
  9. Although DOOM 2016 wasn't as perfect as I expected it to be (maybe because I was too fucking hyped) but it was close and it was one hell of a shooter! And I respect what this game does! Easily the best shooter of the past decade. And iD really created one hell of a formula in terms of combat. It just feels so good and TIGHT! I'm really glad DOOM was very well received by critics and what is more important by old school DOOM fans. And overall it's considered a huge success! It's obvious we will see DOOM 2 in the near future and I can't wait to see what iD will come up with next! Fuck DLC! Get busy with the next game! :) I CAN'T FUCKING WAIT FOR DOOM 2! ! ! !
  10. Another 15 gig update/patch but ragdolls are still flapping and "physics" of objects are still fucked. Nice. .Well it seems they will never fix that annoying shit. I really hope I wont see this amateur garbage in Doom 2.
  11. This cover is AMAZING!
  12. Oh yes! This! So fucking annoying! So cheap!
  13. Good physics. Dark ambiance music when you are not fighting demons (something like Monorail level in Doom 3) instead of one looping, boring shitty track for each level that gets annoying really fast. More gritty and dark industrial levels like the foundry instead of clean tidy labs. More horror! More monster closets. More classical traps with opening walls and stuff. That's not one thing but who gives a shit
  14. On January 28th I will be 30. .FUCK ME. .30 years old