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  1. MrInternational

    Stream soon.

    Then that means its going to be a lot of fun. I honestly cant wait to play it, and murder doom slayers as a Marauder. Still a little sad that Battlemode is still our only multiplayer gamemode. Im still holding onto hope that they'll add arena style gamemodes later on. Obviously were all going to play each demon in battlemode, but which demons are you guys going to main? Im gonna main the Marauder, and the Mancubus.
  2. I think this would be pretty cool.i I mean I would never be able to get it, but for those who actually have the skill to complete such a difficult task should be rewarded something.
  3. MrInternational

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    What we need to do is to go on ID's, and doom's social media and let them know how we truly feel on "no traditional multiplayer". Now I'm not saying we should fill their Twitter page with hate, anger, and warning of pre-order cancellation, but with positive, constructive feedback, on how we the diehard community feel about their decision on removing Arena style multiplayer.
  4. MrInternational

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    Agreed. No Arena style multiplayer is a great disappointment (to me), but saying it's just like fallout 76in terms of quality is just silly.
  5. MrInternational

    Doom Eternal E3 2019 Interview

    awesome interview! I cant wait to slay demons and angels, at the same time! Does that make Doomslayer Chaotic Neutral, or Lawful neutral? lol
  6. MrInternational

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    Oh my gosh mine too XD! I told the guys that it wouldn't have traditional MP but battle-mode instead and they told me to "shut the f@#$ up, you lying little s%^&" XD. But then i told them about the multiple articles stating this and they were not very happy lol. Unfortunately for them there only interested in MP in Doom (which is very weird, but whatever), and there on the fence about buying it. Like me there waiting for QC for more details. There not even giving Battlemode a chance which is kinda sad since it does look cool. Believe it or not there are quite a few out there who genuinely enjoyed MP a lot more then the campaign.
  7. MrInternational

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    That's what every doom fan thought they were gonna do, but no lol. Hopefully they bring it back due to fan demand.
  8. MrInternational

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    That does sound awesome I might have to check that out, thanks for the heads up brother🙌. I actually enjoyed doom(2016) multiplayer, granted I didn't like some of the decisions they made, but I'm still playing it almost everyday on Xbox.
  9. MrInternational

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    Wait, who's doing what to who? True, us die hard doom fans who only play on console need a classic Arena style experience with doom.
  10. MrInternational

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    Pretty disappointed to be honest. I mean im not blind, Doom 2016's multiplayer was slightly above average at best with a lot of people not caring for it, but it had the potential. Remove load outs, perks, 2 weapon limits, and add: weapon spawns, 3 to 4 weapon wheel, increased movement speed, maps with their own unique soundtrack, and add a over the top announcer like quake or Killer instinct and you would a have a much better multiplayer experience. I pray to god they add it down the road, I really do.
  11. MrInternational

    Battle mode Trailer

    So wait, is BattleMode "confirmed" to replace Doom Eternals entire multiplayer? So were not getting FFA, Teamdeath, Warpath, or a traditional Arena Shooter?
  12. MrInternational

    What improvements over Doom 2016 are you expecting?

    I can only imagine! Should the waves be endless with enemies increasing in just health over time or should the mode have an ending with enemies increasing in damage and health over time?
  13. MrInternational

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    Its not an exploitable weakness if doomslayer's wearing it. XD
  14. MrInternational

    What improvements over Doom 2016 are you expecting?

    Multiplayer Remove weapon loadouts: I want this doom to have weapon spawns across the map so we can get back to good old arena style multiplayer. Add music: I personally would love it if we had awesome soundtracks playing during matches to make the game more fun, and ridiculously action packed. Increase Speed: Not a huge boost in speed, but just a little bit faster than doom(2016). Clan system: add an in game clan function to help build competitive gameplay. Heavier Announcer: I want an announcer with a grizzly, booming voice to help players get hyped when playing multiplayer.
  15. MrInternational

    DOOM Update 6.66 (Multiplayer Only)

    Yo if I decide to go with option A: decide to keep my current rank, unlocked items, and purchased items, will I be able to reset it later in the options menu?