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  1. MrInternational

    What improvements over Doom 2016 are you expecting?

    I can only imagine! Should the waves be endless with enemies increasing in just health over time or should the mode have an ending with enemies increasing in damage and health over time?
  2. MrInternational

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    Its not an exploitable weakness if doomslayer's wearing it. XD
  3. MrInternational

    What improvements over Doom 2016 are you expecting?

    Multiplayer Remove weapon loadouts: I want this doom to have weapon spawns across the map so we can get back to good old arena style multiplayer. Add music: I personally would love it if we had awesome soundtracks playing during matches to make the game more fun, and ridiculously action packed. Increase Speed: Not a huge boost in speed, but just a little bit faster than doom(2016). Clan system: add an in game clan function to help build competitive gameplay. Heavier Announcer: I want an announcer with a grizzly, booming voice to help players get hyped when playing multiplayer.
  4. MrInternational

    DOOM Update 6.66 (Multiplayer Only)

    Yo if I decide to go with option A: decide to keep my current rank, unlocked items, and purchased items, will I be able to reset it later in the options menu?
  5. MrInternational

    Doom - Bloodfall now available

    YO! Lateral thrusts looks like you could have a lot of fun with, and that grenade launcher looks really good. Being able to play as a spectre is a dream come true for me. Can't wait to get it.
  6. MrInternational

    Update 5 details .

    Hooray for bots, and free Praetor Armor thats so rad. I always thought they were gonna charge us for that if they ever released it. Glad I was wrong.
  7. MrInternational

    Finalized Launch Trailer

    Oh my god its almost here I cant believe it. Everybody get HYPE!
  8. MrInternational

    Who's buying this for $60?

    I will for sure. I even requested that day off from work to play it all damn day.
  9. MrInternational

    What are your thoughts on the Snapmap stream?

    I was genuinely surprised with what I saw today with snap-map. I kind of had a general idea on what snap-map was capable of, but actually seeing in action really impressed me. Everything is customizable and i fucking love that. My only problem with snap-map is the 4 player limit, but that goes without saying.
  10. MrInternational

    DOOM - Exclusive SnapMap and Singleplayer Streams

    I have to take a dump but i dont want to miss any moments of the stream.
  11. MrInternational

    DOOM - Exclusive SnapMap and Singleplayer Streams

  12. MrInternational

    Steam Demon revealed!

    Simply marvelous.
  13. MrInternational

    Beta is over, thoughts ?

    Had a blast with it. I really appreciated that ID added FOV Slider and Damage Number options to the beta. Shows that they are listening to us fans and are trying to make everyone happy.
  14. MrInternational

    Meaning behind your username

    Its my gamertag which I just came up with at the top of my head, but a couple of months later I found out it was a males beauty pageant lol.
  15. MrInternational

    Iron Maiden Book of Souls tour

    I just got back from them in Denver a couple days ago. Man was that a fucking show these guys are like in there late 50's and can still kickass. I lost my shit when they played The Trooper.