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  1. unnecessary blogpost rant warning:


    I didn't sleep at all yesterday tonight, as I was too busy with mapping. I'm not a nerd right? Eventually I did get 40 minutes of sleep... damn, I wish I didn't, I've never felt that strange in all my life. I felt too weak to speak.

    Someone's obviously living life the wrong way, I can't imagine how it will look when I get a job or something.

    Good thing though, the map is 75% done after only 3 days of work! That beats my previous record by a large margin.


    BTW, I will be offline between tomorrow and next Saturday, so yeah... one shitposter less. Maybe I can get some sleep too.


    R a n t  over.

    1. bioshockfan90


      ye sleep's p important, dunno. Getting rest is a good thing



      And if anything if you're still tired you can get a coffee or somethin'