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  1. So I've found out about this DB2 glitch...


    If you have a sector that consists of several joined shapes and you draw a linedef fully inside one of the shapes, that shape will become a separate sector even if that linedef didn't even touch the shape's linedefs.

    That sucks. What's worse, you won't even notice that until your map starts breaking out of nowhere.

    I have to check if GZDB still crashes my computer.

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    2. riderr3


      Looks like it's a feature, but not a bug?

    3. leodoom85


      Doom Builder 2 is discontinued. Then GZDoom Builder appeared, then GZDoom Builder-Bugfix comes out. GZDoom Builder-bugfix is the continuation of GZDB which brings new features and it's currently updating each time a bug is fixed in the editor.

    4. BigDickBzzrak


      I know that, but when I tried out GZDB about a year ago, it kept causing BSODs on my toaster, so I'm forced to stick to DB2.

      Maybe they fixed it by now, I'll try it out.