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  1. Taking the Cambridge Proficiency Exam (that's C2 level) on the 10th of March. The speaking part of it is on the 11th -- my birthday! 

    If I do pass it, I'll have a certificate that will allow me to teach English or something, and that's apparently gonna be a handy source of income when I go to uni. Nice birthday present eh???


    Anyway, this exam comprises things that are actually quite difficult (but definitely possible). 


    E.g. you have to KNOW and be able to use all those obscure and uncommon English constructions. I'm having quite a struggle with the inverted stuff a-la "Little did I know" in particular. I mean ffs who speaks like that??? aah damn!


    Also, punctuation. Sweet Jesus Christ almighty. That's what I get for neglecting it in my internet posting, someone might say (and he'd be right ayy lmao), but English doesn't seem to have very definite rules for this kind of stuff. Words like "which" can be used in constructions that both include a comma and do not, for instance.


    Moreover, the various forms of essays (e.g. proposal, review, report OH MY GOD) are damn hard as well. There's a particular structure of your work that should be honoured (Introduction --> point 1 --> point 2 --> conclusion, that kind of stuff), also stylistic things such as vocabulary, and that's tedious to remember. Don't forget to memorise all the linking words as well!


    TAKING ALL OF THE AFOREMENTIONED INTO CONSIDERATION wish me luck, right??? This is gonna be so fun!!

    1. Tristan


      > honoured, memorise 


      You're ready. Good luck!

    2. Catpho


      May the rng be with you,but you dont really need it right? :D

      Edit: lol the typo XD