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  1. 14:20

    "Hey, who's this XXXTentacion guy? Yo I've heard the name before, seems familiar. OK I'll check this song out."



    "Huh I'm starting to like this XXXTentacion guy. I'll start downloading his latest album, go for a walk and hopefully it will have finished by the time I get back."



    "Hey mr waiter dude, what's the WiFi password? Thanks!"

    *checks instagram*

    "WTF, he has just died?"


    True story



    RIP XXXTentacion 1998-2018

    I got into your stuff a lot later than I probably should have

    1. mun


      Well, I've also fell into the same situation as yours. Weird and cruel, I know.

    2. Cell


      It is sad, and it makes the catapila mad.