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  1. OK now I'm kinda seriously getting into XXXTentacion's stuff. This guy is... strange.


    It seems that this dude has at least one song of literally every genre and sound ever made. People seem to think that he's a mumble rapper like Lil Pump or whatever, but in fact this guy is... I have no idea what this guy is. I can't classify him.

    He's got songs that are like CAN'T KEEP MY DICK IN MY PANTS AYY, but also real-ass heavy metal stuff filled with screams of pure goddamn anger, then really soothing rambles about depression and stuff, also strong songs about love and feelings... anything.

    The depressive stuff of his is indeed very... moving and touching, but I'm probably still too merry-go-round to fully embrace it (thank god eh?). You can really feel his emotions through his music.

    But at the same time he's got some songs that are so cheerful and positive that you simply can't form a coherent impression of him. It's almost a shock how much do his songs differ, even on one album.

    XXXTentacion was a special, one-of-a-kind guy, from what I can see. Probably more troubled inside than I can even comprehend, but also so optimistic and willing to commit to something bigger, I guess, at the same time.


    Ugh folks, I don't know, he had so much in front of him, and he had an undoubtedly enormous talent. In any case, I recommend everyone here to give him a shot. Especially if you've been dismissing him because "you don't like rap" or whatever. I'm sure many of you here would empathise.


    RIP legend,

    I definitely should've discovered you earlier.

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    2. BigDickBzzrak


      Ugh, I don't know. bOtH aRe eQuaLLy LeGeNdArY


      So apparently his gf has forgiven him for the beating part, still loves him and was also devastated by his death regardless of what happened? TBH if she's OK with it, I don't see a reason to be particularly salty about it myself.


      As for the gay dude, apparently he beat him because he was staring at him naked? All in all, I don't think he was homophobic, just angered by the behaviour of one specific gay guy.

      I mean if a woman beat up a straight guy for staring at her, it would suddenly be a-ok and completely justified, right? This is the same situation.

      What would you do if you were him?


      And besides, does all this really matter if the music is good??? Yeah he may have done some bad things in the past, but when you sum up his deeds, you end up with a positive IMO.

    3. mun


      He may not be a good guy, but you can't deny his lasting impact on modern rap. We shouldn't ignore the fact that his music had a lot of positive impact to it's listeners, even if his actual character can't live up to his musical legacy.

      @bzzrak, there's no reason to justify his use of violence. Unless you're in a self-defense position, violence will not solve anything and will hurt the people you attack both physically and mentally. People will continue to be hurt by that act even after they say they forgive you.

    4. Cell


      Eyyo! I know whatchya sayin' dear fellow Team Edgy member, 'coz for a long time I'd been thinkin' about how things go 'round in life the same way as this late XXXTentacion dude had. I mean the, err, perception behind how I could had afford myself the audacity to treat people like, ehm... *excrement* (sorry Ling :D ) just b'coz I could produce AWSUM MUZAK n' stuff.

      But I have to side w/ the fellow lads at this point. Mind the perfect past tense above - being an artist (or sportsman, politician, whatever high-respected member of our society) doesn't make all - or, in particular, any - misdeeds you've committed legitimate, neither suddenly, nor via time passing by. It's an epidemic core infection of perception that these popular people love to believe and act accordingly, and common citizens also have a huge tendency to think so.

      I know that you mean right, and also know the rule "praise the dead or leave them alone". But remember, not all influential people are known for solely their virtues.