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  1. OK now I'm kinda seriously getting into XXXTentacion's stuff. This guy is... strange.


    It seems that this dude has at least one song of literally every genre and sound ever made. People seem to think that he's a mumble rapper like Lil Pump or whatever, but in fact this guy is... I have no idea what this guy is. I can't classify him.

    He's got songs that are like CAN'T KEEP MY DICK IN MY PANTS AYY, but also real-ass heavy metal stuff filled with screams of pure goddamn anger, then really soothing rambles about depression and stuff, also strong songs about love and feelings... anything.

    The depressive stuff of his is indeed very... moving and touching, but I'm probably still too merry-go-round to fully embrace it (thank god eh?). You can really feel his emotions through his music.

    But at the same time he's got some songs that are so cheerful and positive that you simply can't form a coherent impression of him. It's almost a shock how much do his songs differ, even on one album.

    XXXTentacion was a special, one-of-a-kind guy, from what I can see. Probably more troubled inside than I can even comprehend, but also so optimistic and willing to commit to something bigger, I guess, at the same time.


    Ugh folks, I don't know, he had so much in front of him, and he had an undoubtedly enormous talent. In any case, I recommend everyone here to give him a shot. Especially if you've been dismissing him because "you don't like rap" or whatever. I'm sure many of you here would empathise.


    RIP legend,

    I definitely should've discovered you earlier.

    1. Linguica


      I liked the part when he beat his pregnant girlfriend, and then while in jail tried to beat a man to death because he thought he was acting "gay". Which of those was more optimistic and legendary to you?

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