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  1. Just updated my 6-year old version of VLC player and I can max the volume only up to 125%, not to 200% as I used to be able to??????

    Never update your software!!! Now I need to search the blessed version 2.0.5 again!!!

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    2. BigDickBzzrak


      Well guess what. Silly me thought he could trust the internet. The heretical crippling of VLC happened a version before, 2.1.0. I learned this the hard way. So I hopped between 4 different versions, deleted my settings in the process and now my journey peacefully ended at 2.0.8.


      Gucci Gang is loud again. Very loud.


      Don't update your software yo!

    3. Gustavo6046


      Gah! That music... it tears my auricles apart into tiny giblets!

    4. Memfis


      Biggest problem with later versions of VLC: speeding up used to have that funny chipmunk effect, but now it just makes the playback faster without changing the pitch. :(((