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  1. My laptop's drive HDD so I had it replaced, also had Windows 10 installed on it since the OS had to be reinstalled anyway.


    It's surprisingly neat af, so far literally like Win7 but better!

    Has the night light dimming thing built in, YO HOW COOL IS THAT! Required some minor messing around in the Device Manager though.

    So yeah Win10 is nice


    Ah yes, other than the fact that you can't prevent it from downloading updates and I'm on a USB modem

    Also there's both a "Settings" and a "Control Panel". Which is confusing, because you never know which one you need.

    1. mrthejoshmon


      Yeah Windows 10 is pretty neat from what I've used of it, shame about the compatibility issues with older software (but really, that is to be expected with any OS upgrades).