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Status Updates posted by bzzrak

  1. I just want you to know that you're a legit badass person, definitely keeping this place even slightly fun

    1. Catpho


      lol the bzzrakness!

    2. NuMetalManiak


      bonnie is elite

  2. Your old username was better tbh

    1. DesecratorJ


      lol sorry but I was tired of my old black metal name.


      This one is for my pseudonym in my band, plus the J letter is for my real surname.

  3. OK now I'm kinda seriously getting into XXXTentacion's stuff. This guy is... strange.


    It seems that this dude has at least one song of literally every genre and sound ever made. People seem to think that he's a mumble rapper like Lil Pump or whatever, but in fact this guy is... I have no idea what this guy is. I can't classify him.

    He's got songs that are like CAN'T KEEP MY DICK IN MY PANTS AYY, but also real-ass heavy metal stuff filled with screams of pure goddamn anger, then really soothing rambles about depression and stuff, also strong songs about love and feelings... anything.

    The depressive stuff of his is indeed very... moving and touching, but I'm probably still too merry-go-round to fully embrace it (thank god eh?). You can really feel his emotions through his music.

    But at the same time he's got some songs that are so cheerful and positive that you simply can't form a coherent impression of him. It's almost a shock how much do his songs differ, even on one album.

    XXXTentacion was a special, one-of-a-kind guy, from what I can see. Probably more troubled inside than I can even comprehend, but also so optimistic and willing to commit to something bigger, I guess, at the same time.


    Ugh folks, I don't know, he had so much in front of him, and he had an undoubtedly enormous talent. In any case, I recommend everyone here to give him a shot. Especially if you've been dismissing him because "you don't like rap" or whatever. I'm sure many of you here would empathise.


    RIP legend,

    I definitely should've discovered you earlier.

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    2. bzzrak


      Ugh, I don't know. bOtH aRe eQuaLLy LeGeNdArY


      So apparently his gf has forgiven him for the beating part, still loves him and was also devastated by his death regardless of what happened? TBH if she's OK with it, I don't see a reason to be particularly salty about it myself.


      As for the gay dude, apparently he beat him because he was staring at him naked? All in all, I don't think he was homophobic, just angered by the behaviour of one specific gay guy.

      I mean if a woman beat up a straight guy for staring at her, it would suddenly be a-ok and completely justified, right? This is the same situation.

      What would you do if you were him?


      And besides, does all this really matter if the music is good??? Yeah he may have done some bad things in the past, but when you sum up his deeds, you end up with a positive IMO.

    3. mun


      He may not be a good guy, but you can't deny his lasting impact on modern rap. We shouldn't ignore the fact that his music had a lot of positive impact to it's listeners, even if his actual character can't live up to his musical legacy.

      @bzzrak, there's no reason to justify his use of violence. Unless you're in a self-defense position, violence will not solve anything and will hurt the people you attack both physically and mentally. People will continue to be hurt by that act even after they say they forgive you.

    4. Cell


      Eyyo! I know whatchya sayin' dear fellow Team Edgy member, 'coz for a long time I'd been thinkin' about how things go 'round in life the same way as this late XXXTentacion dude had. I mean the, err, perception behind how I could had afford myself the audacity to treat people like, ehm... *excrement* (sorry Ling :D ) just b'coz I could produce AWSUM MUZAK n' stuff.

      But I have to side w/ the fellow lads at this point. Mind the perfect past tense above - being an artist (or sportsman, politician, whatever high-respected member of our society) doesn't make all - or, in particular, any - misdeeds you've committed legitimate, neither suddenly, nor via time passing by. It's an epidemic core infection of perception that these popular people love to believe and act accordingly, and common citizens also have a huge tendency to think so.

      I know that you mean right, and also know the rule "praise the dead or leave them alone". But remember, not all influential people are known for solely their virtues.

  4. 14:20

    "Hey, who's this XXXTentacion guy? Yo I've heard the name before, seems familiar. OK I'll check this song out."



    "Huh I'm starting to like this XXXTentacion guy. I'll start downloading his latest album, go for a walk and hopefully it will have finished by the time I get back."



    "Hey mr waiter dude, what's the WiFi password? Thanks!"

    *checks instagram*

    "WTF, he has just died?"


    True story



    RIP XXXTentacion 1998-2018

    I got into your stuff a lot later than I probably should have

    1. mun


      Well, I've also fell into the same situation as yours. Weird and cruel, I know.

    2. Cell


      It is sad, and it makes the catapila mad.

  5. How COULD you remove the "helpful" review thing? Downvoting popular reviews was my favourite pastime while this place was still fun. What am I gonna do now?

    1. gaspe


      wtf why did you confess that it was you to downvote the reviews? Now we can't solve this mystery anymore...

    2. Linguica


      get banned

  6. Started taking driving lessons yo vroom vroom need a ride??? :]

    1. Catpho


      And then all these Autonomous cars show up ;)

    2. bzzrak


      @Catpho here where I live, autonomous cars will become a thing only maybe when my grandkids grow up or so; that's not a worry :]

    3. Catpho


      You have grandkids?????

  7. PSA: I'm finishing high school in 2 days 

    TBH I'm goddamn terrified of what will come next

    How y'all doing folks?

    1. ShoDemo


      Doing fine.   :)

      Don't worry that much. Have you written the final exams? If so, it is a waiting game, until you get the grades and if you go to college and stuff, the only thing that is kinda scary is the lack of order. It can get really easy to slack off the whole day, because you can spend your time any way you want.

      But if you have a good schedule and study regularly (you don't have to study for hours like in high school - 1 hour each day is definitely good and even a bit less than that is OK - plus, you can do small revisions at weekends on what you learned for the week).

      Also, being present in every lecture in college (or whatever the lessons there are called in English) and taking good clean notes is really helpful (if you write slowly or you are not that good with taking notes, take photos of others' notes - they won't mind if you ask them).

      Anyways, good luck and have courage!

    2. bzzrak


      @ShoDemo you legit made me feel better bro, not even kidding

  8. One little personal announcement: I've passed my CPE exam that I made a status update about many moons ago. So my English level as of now is C2.

    219/230 points = Grade B, also one goddamn point short of an A.

    Regardless, I'm cool with this. :]


    I didn't get the real badass official CERTIFICATE yet, though. I'm not sure when am I supposed to get it. 

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    2. bzzrak


      ^ you get used to the constant misspellings after a while. Even when your username is 6 letters long. :]

    3. Scypek2


      I had one guy on ZDaemon repeatedly call me Spyke. I ended up not correcting him because it took me too long to even realize he was trying to spell my name.

    4. Catpho


      I usually pronounce the usernames in my head real quick, and hey thats sounds fitting :P

      I get username mispronunciations too XD (its not catpho getting that treatment tho, i have other names on other sites). Its makes me smile all the time tbh

  9. Colloquial Greeting Commonly Used In Informal Occasions WHAT'S Risen Above The Horizon? 

    Pronoun Referring To The Speaker AM BACK IN CASE YOU HAVEN'T Become Aware

    HAVE YOU State Of Feeling Absence ME?

  10. Happy 8 March to all the gals here, aLL fIvE oF tHeM

  11. Amazing bit of English language knowledge discovered during preparations for my exam: "Incidentally" = "By the way".

    Vocabulary broadened by 20%.


    Incidentally, before learning the word's actual meaning, I would always mix it up with "coincidentally", which has a completely different meaning.

  12. FYI I've somehow made your pic with the snake my background in my browser's speed dial. I dunno how did I do it or how to change it, so I'll have to stick with it.


    ...I feel like you should know that. :P

  13. Piper Maru???????????????? 

  14. Yo, where have you been?

    1. MarsHappyNation


      Hey there! A lot has been going on in recent months so I haven't had as much time as I'd like to spend on stuff like this. Everything has been slowing down quite a bit now so I'll be able to check in more often. Thanks for checking up on me, great to hear from you again!

  15. Taking the Cambridge Proficiency Exam (that's C2 level) on the 10th of March. The speaking part of it is on the 11th -- my birthday! 

    If I do pass it, I'll have a certificate that will allow me to teach English or something, and that's apparently gonna be a handy source of income when I go to uni. Nice birthday present eh???


    Anyway, this exam comprises things that are actually quite difficult (but definitely possible). 


    E.g. you have to KNOW and be able to use all those obscure and uncommon English constructions. I'm having quite a struggle with the inverted stuff a-la "Little did I know" in particular. I mean ffs who speaks like that??? aah damn!


    Also, punctuation. Sweet Jesus Christ almighty. That's what I get for neglecting it in my internet posting, someone might say (and he'd be right ayy lmao), but English doesn't seem to have very definite rules for this kind of stuff. Words like "which" can be used in constructions that both include a comma and do not, for instance.


    Moreover, the various forms of essays (e.g. proposal, review, report OH MY GOD) are damn hard as well. There's a particular structure of your work that should be honoured (Introduction --> point 1 --> point 2 --> conclusion, that kind of stuff), also stylistic things such as vocabulary, and that's tedious to remember. Don't forget to memorise all the linking words as well!


    TAKING ALL OF THE AFOREMENTIONED INTO CONSIDERATION wish me luck, right??? This is gonna be so fun!!

    1. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      > honoured, memorise 


      You're ready. Good luck!

    2. Catpho


      May the rng be with you,but you dont really need it right? :D

      Edit: lol the typo XD

  16. Almost a month since I started wearing braces and that gum-like thing, the teeth do "feel" a bit different. Yay!

    Also I've gotten used to having a long piece of metal wire in my mouth. The ends of it get stuck in my cheeks sometimes but it's bearable.

    1. Gothic


      I hated when the wires tangled to my inner skin.

    2. bzzrak


      ^ * writes down the handy word "tangled" *

  17. Question for the oldfags:

    So what's the story behind a peculiar file named timeline.jpg? What does it depict?? I see that linking to it on the old forum resulted in an auto-replace to "I AM A MORON" repeated several times, so it must've been something gruesome hahaha.

    1. Bloodshedder
    2. bzzrak


      W-what? I am seriously disappointed. It's... an actual timeline.

      Why was it so controversial then? Other than the mention of a "Black Jesus", hahaha.

  18. Badass username yo

  19. @40oz has been banned RIP

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      there are worse posters still rampant...


      Still, he'll gain some extra time from this, perhaps he can clean up his forum a bit because I just looked over there and WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

    3. 42PercentHealth


      What did he get banned for, specifically?

    4. Gothic


      My guess is that he tried to summon the elder ones, and got caught before he succeded.

  20. I wish I had as much free time as you do. Jesus holy Christ almighty, that's some savage arguing skillz0rz.






    *slowly applauds*

  21. Hey what's the difference between you and a good person? 



  22. Can I have another week ban to get away from this place a bit, please, mods?



    Thanks a bunch! <3 <4 <5 <3 <3 <3

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Mauzki


      godamn you old design

    3. bzzrak
    4. NoisyVelvet


      Change your DW password to something long and annoying to type in, so that the annoyance of logging in is slightly stronger than the compulsive urge to check DW.  Then log out.


      Or better yet, for more layers, change your password to the answer to a puzzle.  maybe use software to generate the answer, or an encrypted version of the answer, but just copy and paste the answer, without memorizing it, into your new password box.


      Or, I bet there's some browser plugin that just locks websites for you for a certain amount of time, i dunno.

      ps. I just googled and found this: StayFocusd plugin I only skimmed the description but it sounds like what you're looking for (i never used it).  As long as you aren't finding yourself the urge to uninstall the plugin after you start the timer to circumvent the whole thing, then you're fine.  But I wouldn't want to put that idea into your head so I probably shouldn't mention it.

  23. Yo, where have you been? I wondered what happened to you. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Mauzki


      hahaha, its weird to think it was that long. Lot changed from that time, got a new partner (<3) moved and such, but I should be more alive now, well alive as in not being dead for a year.

    3. bzzrak


      A year away from this place really does wonders to a man!

    4. Mauzki


      It does, I like to believe I can make better wads now, ooh my first follower, I'm not so much of a loner now.

  24. So today I found out that Lil Pump has songs other than Gucci Gang, but they are all just a single collocation repeated like 70 times, and also most of them last for < 02:15, haha. So catchy!

    This dude has truly succeeded in life if you ask me

  25. So now I also have to wear this gum (similar to the ones that boxers wear) in my mouth for an hour a day, and after some time I'll also start wearing it overnight.

    I really hope that the sexy corrected teeth that I'll have in a few years will be worth all this torture ayy lmao