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  1. Bzzrak's Risen3D rants, part 2


    How to have 3D floors on top of each other in Risen3D?

    You literally draw sectors on top of each other! (you have to disable merging vertices in DB2 before that)

    So... if you wanna have 3 platforms above each other, you literally draw 3 sectors on the same goddamn place, then you utterly destroy your brain trying to figure out what sector does each linedef belong to, and study the demo WADs to death just in order to check what sector should each sidedef reference to.


    It's literally impossible to figure how do some features work. And I haven't even got to studying scripting yet.

    Dear god.


    However, a feature I will compliment is that if you mess something up and run the map, the port will crash and tell you exactly what should be fixed.

    I use that one a lot, heh.


    The worst part is that I asked4it myself. For 2018, would a 3DGE map be troll-y enough?

    1. AD_79


      Look on the bright side: Once you do figure out how these features work, you can easily make maps for the five people that use Risen3D!

    2. bzzrak


      That's what keeps me going! :]