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  1. Bzzrak's Risening3D, part 3


    OK, I have been studying a bit of scripting and everything, now I do understand it a little more than I should. Drawing linedefs on top of each other is still a difficult concept to grasp for my stupid brain, especially when coupled with having to manually edit sector references. Darn, this is HARD! As the properties of a 3d floor are specified in upper textures, if you have a height difference which requires an actual upper texture, you have to draw a separate set of linedefs only for the 3d floor, and then mess with sector references until you die of boredom.


    The result of all that: I've started making the actual map... the problem is: after my previous philosophical and conceptual semi-trollmap, I've completely forgotten how to do legit awesome mapping. Not that I ever knew it, but I did try. Now I've forgotten how to do even that.

    I do crap I never did before, like making circular rooms. The worst part: the radius of every one is a multiply of 82, because when made into a circle in db2's curve linedefs option, you get a curve whose total length is a multiple of 256.

    But... I HATE circular rooms!!! What's happening? My orthogonality seems to "wrap around"!


    But yeah, the map is gonna be something really sensational if/when finished.


    Conclusion: people, don't make philosophical semi-trollmaps.