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  1. Bzzrak's Risenation3D, part 3.25


    Another thing about Risen3D that can backstab you quite frequently is the node-builder. As far as I can tell, R3D has a built in node-builder derived from an old-ass version of GLBSP (2.05 IIRC, while the last one was 2.20-sth, released quite a few years later).

    That thing breaks very easily. The R3D editing process is very brainpower-consuming by itself, now I have to care about the GODDAMN NODE-BUILDER?


    Just let me draw goddamn vertices where I want to, for god's sake, and don't make me think about whether the stupid node-builder can make the map look as I want it to.


    Jeff Bird (the origwad author) would be proud... or probably not.


    Rantification finishification.

    1. Misty


      Mapping for Risen3D sounds very painful compared with normal mapping. 

    2. bzzrak


      I couldn't have said it better myself.