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  1. Bzzrak's Risen3Dification, part 4:


    Remember that last rant about the sucky node-builder? Well, I've found a work-around, sort of. If the node-builder is being a naughty assface as usual, select some random linedefs around the place that is glitching, and press Shift+S (split linedef in DB2).

    It might work. No warranty provided.


    I hate being forced to do that just in order for my map to not have HOMs caused by the horrible node-builder, though.


    I'm starting to feel like I understand what I'm doing, that can't be good.


    Slowly figuring out scripts. It is hard, but it does feel like something that makes some sense, unlike the 3D floor features.

    You've got map Things ("script spots"), and when you trigger some linedefs (which are connected to the script spots via "linedef spots" -- also map Things), stuff happens. After you figure out some concepts, it does start to feel like something usable. Or my brain is becoming something unusable, I'm not quite sure.


    One thing that does feel very refreshing is the lack of a palette. YAY I can use YELLOW and PURPLE textures as much as I want!


    The map itself though... I haven't recovered yet from the impact of my philosophical semi-trollmap on my mapping style. An ambush with 20 Barons and a switch behind that kills them all, that's so much demonstrating the port's features.



    To summarise:

    It'll be great if this actually ends up in DMP2017.

    I'm amazed with my persistence, TBH.



    Thank you for devoting your time to reading some total stranger's rant about a niche Doom source-port and its influence on that stranger's mental health. :]