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    From now on I'll be playing Doom with cheats only.

    I wonder when will I get bored of it? Seems like an interesting experiment. Also probably a good opportunity to check out some slaughtermaps that I hate so much.


    Yes, I know I'm a jackass, a disgrace, an attention whore, a teenage scene-queen, the personification of shame and I should smash my cortex into a concrete wall ASAP. All of that and probably something I might've missed.

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    2. Battle_Korbi


      Oh no y u do dis now u are a...


      *reads from a smudged hand*


      jack ads, dis brace, an attention shore, a bean age steel-queer, the personification of share and you should...


      *rolls up the sleeve*


      slash your vortex into a donkey-crate ball as soon as pausible.


      *rolls down sleeve*






      *high fives his own face*

    3. riderr3


      You can enable jumps and play slaughtermaps by running on monsters heads :)

    4. Phade102


      This isn't a rant =( I want my 10 seconds back.