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  1. Hey Blastoise!  Welcome to Doomworld.  Since I've never seen you around here I figured I'd roll out the welcome wagon for you.  Here's a cool picture of the Pokemon, Blastoise!  Your current avatar looks a lot like this member's avatar that used to post here pretty often...his name was bizzripp or something.  Wonder what ever happened to him.




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    2. Tracer


      Hope so, because I'm all out of burn heal.

    3. bzzrak


      Hmm, what a peculiar story. Shame that I didn't get to see that bizzripp guy or whatever his name was. From your description he sounds like a really cool dude, I'm sure we'd hit it off.

      Unlike this one asshole I knew on some forum, that made another really cool dude (who happened to go by a very similar alias, "bzzrak" I think it was) change his name to the name of a pokemon, lol that was insane.


      Hopefully this place is better than that and such horrors aren't a common occurence!

    4. Tracer


      He seemed like a really Bizzy guy.