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  1. edgy, sadistic rant


    Whenever I feel hopeless, I find some group on a social network or a site where people share depressive stories about how disappointed they are in people, society, humanity, anything. I laugh at the whiny sissies, and the hopelessness goes away like a charm.


    No, I don't feel bad at the slightest. I've already told you countless times that I'm the worst person this planet has ever seen.


    OK, maybe a leeeedle bit. But that's it.

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    2. RUSH


      Ahh, I forgot you could speak Russian. Do you live there? I honestly don't know. That's pretty cool that you know two languages, either way. I wish I knew a second language, but I'm pretty horrible with that type of learning. I couldn't even learn basic French.

    3. bzzrak


      ^ I live in Serbia, but I go to a Russian school. It's kinda complicated. So that makes three languages, heh. :]


      You should totally learn a second one, man. One of those decisions that ends up being useful either way.


      Hey, if the edgy sadistic me learnt the monstrous beast that is Russian (it is, really), I'm sure that you (or anybody else, heh) will have no difficulties wth French!

    4. RUSH


      They say it's easiest to learn languages at a young age. The younger, the better. It's funny because I took French classes until Grade 9, yet I don't remember jack shit for some reason.