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  1. edgy, sadistic rant


    Whenever I feel hopeless, I find some group on a social network or a site where people share depressive stories about how disappointed they are in people, society, humanity, anything. I laugh at the whiny sissies, and the hopelessness goes away like a charm.


    No, I don't feel bad at the slightest. I've already told you countless times that I'm the worst person this planet has ever seen.


    OK, maybe a leeeedle bit. But that's it.

    1. RUSH


      What kind of things do you say? I'm interested in hearing one of these rants, lol.

    2. bzzrak


      I'd gladly send some to you, but I doubt you'd understand. I mean that in a literal way -- they're in Russian.

    3. leodoom85


      Just use Google Translate for that.....even if the traduction doesn't makes sense...

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