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  1. One little personal announcement: I've passed my CPE exam that I made a status update about many moons ago. So my English level as of now is C2.

    219/230 points = Grade B, also one goddamn point short of an A.

    Regardless, I'm cool with this. :]


    I didn't get the real badass official CERTIFICATE yet, though. I'm not sure when am I supposed to get it. 

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    2. bzzrak


      ^ you get used to the constant misspellings after a while. Even when your username is 6 letters long. :]

    3. Scypek2


      I had one guy on ZDaemon repeatedly call me Spyke. I ended up not correcting him because it took me too long to even realize he was trying to spell my name.

    4. Catpho


      I usually pronounce the usernames in my head real quick, and hey thats sounds fitting :P

      I get username mispronunciations too XD (its not catpho getting that treatment tho, i have other names on other sites). Its makes me smile all the time tbh