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  1. Sir, you are a goddamn genius. Genius, I tell you.
  2. Speak for yourself, capitalist swine. On this side of the ocean we are all actually quite intelligent. And yeah you americans are dumb xd xd xdddd EDIT: I just ran into another article that made me cringe harder than I thought I could at this old age, but it's kinda scandalous and is bound to cause a flamewar, so I'm putting it in a spoiler. Also it's dated December '17 but same thing, you goddamn nitpicker.
  3. Honestly, there's nothing more bothersome than someone who keeps continuously apologizing for his mere existence and who always thinks that he's nothing more than a nuisance to everyone. (Hint hint, that's you in this situation) You're a nuisance only if you think you are. (In most cases at least, including yours)
  4. How exactly? Do you tell everyone "GO AWAY I DON'T WANNA TALK TO YOU"? Or what?? Consciously or not? (If yes, then stop doing that for holy Jesus Christ almighty's sake, if not, then legitimately try to identify the cause) You have to fight amigo! No amount of medicine or therapy will help ya if you're not willing to fight!! <3
  5. How can you let down someone who has no expectations of you? Nobody expects stuff from you. Other than your parents maybe. As for everyone else, you can not let them down physically. Think about it
  6. Hey thanks for the review Leo! <3 That's just to enable some extra hints and stuff IIRC. :] (For example, it lights up a big "NO" next to a switch that triggers a crusher trap.) Was originally meant to cause a VPO in vanilla upon start, which would then lead to an "UR GAY LOL" (or something like that) error message. However, apparently Choco Doom can't change the VPO error message text, even though the entry's there in Dehacked. So gay. :/
  7. Question for the oldfags:

    So what's the story behind a peculiar file named timeline.jpg? What does it depict?? I see that linking to it on the old forum resulted in an auto-replace to "I AM A MORON" repeated several times, so it must've been something gruesome hahaha.

    1. Bloodshedder
    2. bzzrak


      W-what? I am seriously disappointed. It's... an actual timeline.

      Why was it so controversial then? Other than the mention of a "Black Jesus", hahaha.

  8. No, they are not Tolerate and/or like the people you can find, instead
  9. Badass username yo

  10. @Grazza we need your help
  11. @40oz has been banned RIP

    1. dmg_64


      weh, Did I miss something ?

    2. Memfis


      ну охуеть теперь

    3. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      there are worse posters still rampant...


      Still, he'll gain some extra time from this, perhaps he can clean up his forum a bit because I just looked over there and WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

    4. 42PercentHealth


      What did he get banned for, specifically?

    5. Gothic


      My guess is that he tried to summon the elder ones, and got caught before he succeded.

  12. I wish I had as much free time as you do. Jesus holy Christ almighty, that's some savage arguing skillz0rz.






    *slowly applauds*

  13. Holy crap you're hot 69/34 would bang again Also don't shave Edit: @Mauzki cyka blyat comrade that's a nice coat you've got there
  14. Hey what's the difference between you and a good person? 



  15. Wait, what? How can it be pleasing to them if they call themselves asexual? I'm confused.
  16. @SOSU @TFK both of you look like 7 years older than you actually are omg so jealous Alright, I guess I'll take advantage of this being the 69th page and grace it with my edgy self You didn't expect me to look like this, did you? ------------------------------- IMO it's so that people could present themselves as real actual living people and not just usernames. So that there would be more to them than just a username and an avatar. I dunno tho ayy lmao
  17. Can I have another week ban to get away from this place a bit, please, mods?



    Thanks a bunch! <3 <4 <5 <3 <3 <3

    1. Mauzki


      I bet the new design did this

    2. bzzrak


      Yeah it's very addictive unlike that fossil 2002 one

    3. bzzrak



    4. Mauzki


      godamn you old design

    5. bzzrak
    6. NoisyVelvet


      Change your DW password to something long and annoying to type in, so that the annoyance of logging in is slightly stronger than the compulsive urge to check DW.  Then log out.


      Or better yet, for more layers, change your password to the answer to a puzzle.  maybe use software to generate the answer, or an encrypted version of the answer, but just copy and paste the answer, without memorizing it, into your new password box.


      Or, I bet there's some browser plugin that just locks websites for you for a certain amount of time, i dunno.

      ps. I just googled and found this: StayFocusd plugin I only skimmed the description but it sounds like what you're looking for (i never used it).  As long as you aren't finding yourself the urge to uninstall the plugin after you start the timer to circumvent the whole thing, then you're fine.  But I wouldn't want to put that idea into your head so I probably shouldn't mention it.

  18. Yo, where have you been? I wondered what happened to you. 

    1. Mauzki


      I've been busy really, for a while I was put off by the forums new design. But I'm coming back to it!.

    2. bzzrak


      Was the new design so horrible that it discouraged you from visiting for almost a year? 

      Jesus, Doomworld, most of you guys are frickin necrophiles! 

    3. Mauzki


      hahaha, its weird to think it was that long. Lot changed from that time, got a new partner (<3) moved and such, but I should be more alive now, well alive as in not being dead for a year.

    4. bzzrak


      A year away from this place really does wonders to a man!

    5. Mauzki


      It does, I like to believe I can make better wads now, ooh my first follower, I'm not so much of a loner now.

  19. says the metalhead... :]
  20. @hawkwind Please please please don't think I'm some sort of mean hater or whatever. Quite the opposite. I gave R3D an honest chance. I genuinely, really did try to get myself to like it, and make the first R3D-specific map (that wasn't made by someone from the dev team) in the last 10 years. I spent a lot of time reading every single TXT in the docs folder, studying R3D's peculiarities. But there were far too many for me, and I gave up. Yeah, IIRC it does search for IWADs in DOOMWADDIR, but not for PWADs. All other ports (ZDoom, Chocolate, PrBoom+, heck, even Legacy) do. I believe I've PMd you about this thing once... you said you forwarded it to the main dev, but that you doubt he'll deem it necessary, or something. (I don't remember the exact response anymore, sorry) Also about the launcher... the last time I checked, you couldn't change the directory where the launcher would keep its WADs, so, in order to have all your WADs in the launcher, you'd have to copy them all into the launcher directory inside the R3D directory. I think I've mentioned this as well in that PM, but not sure, memory's hazy.
  21. ^ Huy Pham? Wasn't he Russian? The name always gave me that impression, haha.
  22. @R1ck is Malaysian afaik. @joe-ilya is Israeli. @DeathevokatioN is either South African or Brazilian, not sure.
  23. I've once read an article that says that MS makes their own tools work like ass intentionally so that developers would have the incentive to Do It Better and make the software library richer. Think about it Same applies to the bloat AFAIK -- so that programs like CCleaner is created "When you chop wood, bits of it fly around" -- old Russian proverb, artificially translated by me. Think about it I'm pretty sure there's an "don't share subfolders" option. Not sure though, I don't use the feature much. Elaborate Alright point taken hahaha, that indeed sucks
  24. Almost all of them do use DOOMWADDIR. Dunno about PATH. So try setting that. Except for Risen3D ofc because that one just has to be special in every regard and not be a playable port like everyone else is
  25. My first post in this thread, wish me luck ATTENTION: POPULAR MAINSTREAM RAP MUSIC ALERT (NOT THE DEATH METAL TRASH Y'ALL LISTEN TO HAHAHA FIGHT ME LMAO) So I've been looping this one for 4 hours now... such an amazing song. Or I do have zeЯ0 muZ1KaL taZt€? :] Don't google the lyrics unless you feel really compelled to, the song will lose a lot of its charm, hahaha. 3 minutes of unintelligible muttering and then an epic finish left quite an impression on me... unlike the generic rap lyric about cocaine, mon€y and success. :]