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  1. bzzrak messed up something again


    Some time ago I booted up my computer and it started making a very loud beeping noise, then I just restarted it and it now works as normal. Apparently.


    But the question is:

    why the hell did it beep?

    Should I be worried?

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    2. ShoDemo


      My old computer would make a constant annoying sound, because of the broken CPU fan. When it started up, I would punch it to stop the noise and it stopped (the fan worked normally after hitting it). Though I had to do that every time I opened the computer. Why isn't it dead yet is beyond my logic.


      Also, I had a Windows 98 PC when I was 5 years old, that for some reason was messed up and from one point and afterwards, the screen was like 50 shades of blue (it only had blue colors). I remember moving it once and it restored the original colors, but when I accidentally touched it, it became blue again. That was probably the fault of the GPU or the cable connecting the monitor with the tower. I will never know...


      And now my laptop keeps heating up like crazy, but I am out of budget for a laptop cooler. So what do I do? I placed a blue towel under the laptop, so that it doesn't heat the table, which in turn heated the laptop. Now it is somewhat cooler.

    3. really nice person 😂👌
    4. NeedHealth


      My laptop is held together by one screw. It sits on an angle because it constantly overheats. When it does I have to use pressurized air to clean the ventducts. The internal keyboard died a year ago so I use an auxiliary keyboard now. Recently I got disc reading errors and very recently the fan started sounding weird.


      I am not certain here, but maybe it is because this laptop is 9 years old.