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  1. Potatoguy

    Slight Problem With Snapmap

    Glad I can assist, even if you reverse engineered the solution yourself! :D Oh, and for pointers to testing out variables, I'd advise you have the HUD option enabled that shows you 3 variables on the top left corner. Have it displayed, then assign variables of your choice onto it. You can visibly see variable more quickly that way, to test things quicker.
  2. Potatoguy

    Slight Problem With Snapmap

    BACK FROM THE DEAD TO ASSIST. (Probably too late by now, but...) Add the intergers together? Very simple. I'll be using the PC version of Snapmap to demonstrate. Adding intergers is pretty simple, once you fully know the controls for snapmap. When adding/subtracting/multiplying/whatever with numbers, you can change that number into a variable instead. Hell, it can even be a color code. You do so by selecting the adding command's properties, then options. From there, it'll bring up more commands to pick. The one you want is Swap Variable/Constant. A window should come up of all the variables/constants that you have created in the map that you can select. (I chose variables Potatoes and Carrots, cause I'm a mean motherf@#$er) Whatever constant that variable has during the map play will be added, instead of a solid number count that's normally available. This should be the thing you're seeking. Hope this helps in your troubles, if you still interested. Hell, I can help other people about Snapmap questionnaires, since I'm probably the go-to guy that knows Snaps in and out by this point.
  3. Potatoguy

    Anyone else unable to switch to Snapmap Mode at all?

    Came back from the dead to report that I can access Snapmap fine, but I currently have my game set to launch straight to snapmap through the Steam launch options. (only works on steam, so you're out of luck if this problem is in console). The freezing problem isn't an issue either. I'm not sure what I can tell ya about it. For me, the list of maps are outdated, but not broken upon loading. Have the launch options on Steam contain this [+com_gameType 1]. No brackets. This will launch Doom straight to snapmap without having to shut down campaign, then load it up. Saves me some seconds of waiting. Figured this out by rummaging through Snapmap's console commands. Says right there on the 3rd red-out area that it's launching +com_gameType 1.
  4. Archvile better not be a boss-only encounter enemy. Want to see him throughout the campaign, and not just once.
  5. Potatoguy

    Doom Eternal won't have Snapmap

    Wishing right now that the devs of Id are reading our pleas and are secretly working on one final Snapmap update. We're Marty approved, right? T_T
  6. Potatoguy

    Bethesda.net issues

    I'll keep to playing Doom Eternal on consoles cause my PC is too shit to play it just because it's another fucking launcher. Even if it was 100% bug free, I ain't gonna get it. I have Steam, GOG, and Battle.net already. Why the fuck I need a 4th launcher for just Doom?!?!??
  7. Potatoguy

    Snapmap Legacy - A Steamgroup honoring the forgotten...

    Got a new set of maps announced in my group. Took me awhile because of real life conundrums, but now I had the chance to post more. With 5 of the Best of Snapmap coming from the same author, Spindleshank. I decided to honor this man with a special award, because nearly all the map I have played of his are amazing. Seriously, check out anything from Spindleshank. He has made amazing Snapmaps.
  8. Potatoguy

    The story behind your custom avatar

    Needed some avatar that fits my comedic, smug, serious self. I think I got 2 out of 3 of these down.
  9. Potatoguy

    Nightdive Teasing Blood

    I have never played an adequate version of Blood, so I never got passed the 2nd level without feeling that i'm missing out on the vintage feel of it. Hopefully Nightdive does do a good Blood release. Cause if their Turok 1/2 releases are to base off, they are VERY DAMN GOOD at porting old games to the new generation. Heck, we may see a new community rise for Blood modders if Nightdive is oh-so-generous enough to include a modding tool too. Turok 1 had one.
  10. Potatoguy

    There.. there are no hell razers are there :(

    There wasn't any Spectre in the trailer either, but I ain't worried of it being gone. I'm sure the Razer and Spectre (and hopefully Summoner) make a return to Doom Eternal. I'm more interested to know if the Cyberdemon will return in multiple level appearances, rather than just one scripted boss level.
  11. Potatoguy

    Snapmap's Rising

    Snapmap was always possible to make awesome shit like this since around mid-2017's final major update (that enabled removal of all network limitations). And it's very damn hard to find Snapmap this good with the vacant lack of support it has now from the devs themselves. And the dogshit search engine flooded with tat. Trust me dude. With a fuckton of efforts, ya get some really awesome shit. It's why I made my goddamn steamgroup to rectify this, and how the Snapmap Reddit still has... activity? (I mean, there's only like 30 active user max) Snapmap is at the point that one final major update will make it the objectively best ingame editor ever made. But it's just... so close, yet so far. It's damn near depressing.
  12. Potatoguy

    SnapMap and Multiplayer Servers

    I expect Snapmap and Mutliplayer to approach closure a year or three after Doom Eternal's release. Game' multiplayer usually last for quite a damn while if the game is popular enough. And Doom is kinda popular, i don't know. Losing internet accessibility for Snapmap/Mulitplayer won't probably happen for 2 or so years, so I wouldn't be worrying of the apocalypse yet. Only bad thing that may happen once Eternal's release is everyone migrating to it and abandoning D4 to a pathetic playercount. I mean, more pathetic than it already is.
  13. This is definitely not a topic thought up in half a second by backwards-thinking of a topic that already exist. It's entirely original. This could be an interesting thing to discuss about. I found myself to be straying away from very hyped/very well-reviewed games of this year (and other years) simply because of.... reasons. Be it personal distain, lack of interesting, or otherworldly reasoning, there is just that odd feeling of not following what your friends/cohorts are playing, when by much word of mouth, the game in question sounds like a hell of a time. A damn fun game that "everyone should play." Yet, you just don't play it. Why could that be? I decided to create this thread to have a chat about reasons of not playing game(s) that are out, or are even catalog in your belongings (like in your Steam Library, or resting somewhere in your shelf). This could be of any game, but it would be of more interested on why a popular/well-reviewed game isn't your cup of tea. This is me with the Witcher 3. I know that game is pretty much the godsend RPG of the decade (with even my own best friend imploring me to buy it on 50% discounts whenever possible). But i just do not find it interesting. It could be my already disinterest of open-world games thats causing this (tried thrice on beating Fallout 3, and never got passed 15-20hrs). Or be it my lack of playing "overrated games." But I played Bloodborne and Uncharted 4 no problem. I don't know... it just doesn't urk me to play it.
  14. Potatoguy

    Original Doom songs you want to see return

    I need to hear the majesty of Into Sandy's City again. It's just a damn catchy song of Doom II that I never get bored hearing again and again. Maybe have that song in the Hell City level. Would fit so damn well.
  15. Potatoguy

    Snapmap Legacy - A Steamgroup honoring the forgotten...

    OH BOY, that is a nightmare to sim through. Since so many are named this, and only got the prefabs that isn't even a 1-to-1 mapping of the originals. It'll be a damn odyssey to get all ExMx maps that are good. Although Spindleshank (the guy that made Watch your Step) has done a lot of Classic Doom map tributes, and most of what I tried are fucking entertaining. I may give a special announcement to his honor if he keeps having good stuff. Oh, did a new announcement of maps today! I said bi-weekly updates, but I binged Snapmap too much this week, that I found lots of good shit. Project Hamartia Remastered by IRON BISHOP L85 Code – HH2RFRB3 Genre – Mechanic, Slaughterfest, Hard, Lives, Waves Score – 4 Stars (Gameplay 4; Design 3; Tech 5; Sound 3; Difficulty 4; Unique 4) Summary – A wave-based fight with 10 awesomely programmed classes that all feel damn good to play as! Best played with people! Eagle Dungeon Goes to Hell by Alter Ego Code – 4NN6PAT6 Genre – Custom Geo, Revival, Competitive? Score – 3.5 Stars (Gameplay 4; Design 5; Tech 3; Sound 2; Difficulty 3; Unique 4) Summary – A 5 minute quick blaze through a time-attack map in custom geo novelty! Blaze through a dungeon and blast a HK! Station 1: Night of the Undead by StonyFever57649 Code – PJ9U4EFM Genre – Custom Geo, Waves (Infinite), Slaughterfest Score – -4 Stars (Gameplay 4; Design 5; Tech 3; Sound 3; Difficulty 4; Unique 4) Summary – A Cod Zombies map that's actually GOOD. Great intro cinematic, and very well done custom geo, with semi-matching gameplay. Devil May DOOMED: Hell 1 by PinkyXjooztinPLS Code – 5QVP3T37 Genre – Slaughterfest, Competitive, Hard, Mechanic Score – 4 Stars (Gameplay 4; Design 4; Tech 4; Sound 4; Difficulty 4; Unique 5) Summary – A map filled to the brim for demons for you to kill, and a combo system paying homage to DMC! Both go hand in hand very well! MAP 1: Mars Base by The Doomer Code – B959CMQP Genre – Hard, Custom Geo, Continual Score – 3.5 Stars (Gameplay 4; Design 5; Tech 3; Sound 2; Difficulty 3; Unique 4) Summary – An unforgiving first map of 6 that has great mix of prefab/custom geo combination, and secrets and collectibles to gain! BIOWARE PART 1 – THE END by farmerbobhack Code – 43CCF2ZK Genre – Hard, Custom Geo, Lives (1), Revival?, Continual Score – 4 Stars (Gameplay 4; Design 5; Tech 2; Sound 4; Difficulty 3; Unique 4) Summary – A very difficult one-life intro map of an 18 map long epic, with a fantastic first map! Well-placed pickups and enemies to gore throughout! Demon Battle Chess by purrpl Code – HSFPJR6X Genre – Mechanic, Horror Score – 4.5 Stars (Gameplay 4; Design 5; Tech 6; Sound 2; Difficulty ?; Unique 5) Summary – It's Chess. The same chess you can play online anywhere, down with the programming perfected. Play Chess, DOOM STYLE. Dr. Finko's Demise by IDDQDREW Code – D6434JQM Genre – Story, Custom Geo, Mechanic, Competitive, Score – 4 Stars (Gameplay 4; Design 6; Tech 3; Sound 4; Difficulty 4; Unique 5) Summary – An incredible tribute to a fallen website with amazing custom geo, riveting mechanics, and good combat! Still in beta, so bugs unfortunately exist.