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  1. I don't think he means that in a negative way. Id is most likely to profit on what has been settled for the franchise thus far with just one game released.
  2. Name one thing Doom 16 is missing

    there's invulnerability. does megahealth count as a megasphere? on that note, 'megahealth' is such a dumb name. megasphere sounds much more WAY PAST COOL CHILI DOGS.
  3. Hell Followed DLC

    fucking my god. just look at all the effort and dedication they're investing in making such beautiful detailing work and texturing and modeling for just a couple of maps, just so that they can garner hits from a nearly nonexistent crowd in a dead game mode. when will these guys get to their heads that the actual gameplay brings nothing new to the table and that it simply isn't anything interesting? that people have long since moved away from the multiplayer? that singleplayer and snapmap are what people are all about now? what in the fuck is wrong with bethesda's marketing department? why would ID insist on pulling this shit willingly? why am I sitting on my own leg and chewing down on this old nougat bar as I'm typing this?
  4. I'd just like to make a side comment that I literally jinxed the textured blocking volumes feature long ago. I'm so happy it actually made it in. Reminds me of how long ago I commented on the ammo crates looking samey and voilĂ , distinctive ammo types. this is all not meant to be serious of course, ahaha.
  5. Shadow Warrior 2 is dreck.
  6. Gearbox was a mistake.
  7. Doom Asset Dump

    eh... I really don't see it.
  8. "single level" doesn't really extend to 'make every single map in the game its very own self-contained spooky house experience like in Doom 3' though, heh I feel like a major portion of the nudoom fan/detractor audience would agree that the game just needed to take itself a tad more serious in that regard.
  9. Name one thing Doom 16 is missing

    rage's weapon balance meant is overall different from nudoom's. I personally would always poke off lowly monsters with a charged shot to avoid ammo waste.
  10. A proper horror-themed level. Just came back from finishing it and had a goddamn blast in every sense of the word, but damn if I was expecting a full-blown flesh temple styled level to kick in, at least to level out all the arena encounters, or anything along those lines. I also felt like the bestiary was a wee bit lacking. Aracnotrons couldn't have been a bad fit by any means.
  11. Subtle reference to Doom 64 in the OST?

    ^as lovely as that would be, that's quite the long shot.
  12. Arachnotron in Kadingir Sanctum?

    This might be my very first time getting a clear look at their feet. So cute!
  13. Name one thing Doom 16 is missing

    this is true and I hope they do something to mend for in the upcoming future. prefabs a shit.
  14. Why havent you played Doom 2016?

    Yeah, it's inconveniently easy to blaze through on the first stages on PC I wager. It becoming even easier has definitely got to do with faster turning speed and overall better controls, though. The fighting environments on earlier stages are pretty damn huge as well so that helps a lot I guess.
  15. about a rough 90% of my deaths are due to monsters as well. I'm on UV at the moment. Good god these guys are such assholes. Will definitely save UNM for when I get the chance to play this thing on a proper rig.