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  1. Rented Destiny 2. Bungie doesn't get any money, and now I can say with authority that it sucks. Sounds like a win-win to me.

    1. Philnemba


      I personally enjoy it considering the large amount of time I put in the first game but hey to each their own :)

    2. Johnatone


      I put a lot of time into Destiny as well, which is why my bar for this one was so low. Destiny 1 was fun at first but was so broken that by the ROI when they fixed it, it just left a sour taste in my mouth. By comparison I can play Battlefield with my mates - the same kind of repeating the same shit except with no reward - and not get sick of it. Or the fact that I still play Doom over two decades later. But this video sums it up entirely though, and I miss the old Bungie: 


    3. Johnatone


      Still one of the most beautiful and organic looking games I've ever had the privilege of playing, hand down. (And on LSD, my god is it a blast. VoG run tripping balls FTW.) I would actually like to see what it looks like on PC in ultra. So kudos to Bungie for that.