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  1. Well, we've had plently of New Year's threads, yadda yadda. Why not one more with a different approach. Instead of plauging this thread with HNY greetings and resolutions, let's talk about how we fucked up the last few days, or the whole holiday season in general.

    The first blunder was having unprotected sex. I'd pull out before climax, and she's on birth control, but there is ALWAYS still that chance. Suffice to say, there was a short period we were worried she was pregenat. False alarm, of course, but after that we started getting a little more serious about shit. We haven't had sex since, so it has us totally scared, but it's probably a good thing, can't make babies that way.

    The second fuck up was logging into these forums stoned out of my fucking mind and proceeding to post like a madman. I only got three threads before Grazza helled them all and banned me. Of course, I'm unbanned now, but I shouldn't have done it in the first place. Major fuck up. I guess I'm on 'probation.' :P

    The third was getting arrested, which happened early this morning in the middle of bum fuck nowhere. We had a party and there was a fight. Half the people left, leaving me and two others (including the one who started the fight). We would've left but somebody had ganked my key. To make a long story short, a cop ended up there. The guy who started the fight was taken away in an ambulance and is in jail now as far as I know (I think the other guy is still in the hospital, I'm not sure). The other guy passed a breathalyzer test but I failed mine with: .085. In Illinois .080 is legally drunk. So I fucked up, I've got to go to court and pay fines, but there's a 'Teen Court' I have the option of doing which will prevent me from being charged with anything. Now keep in mind that I was quite sober when the test was taken, even though I failed, and after the meter stopped at .085 the officer said 'You are now under arrest for illegal consumption of alcohol.' He didn't read me my miranda rights, so I might have an advantage.

    So yeah, I fucked up a couple of times, in one case really bad. Did I learn my lesson? Probably not, but I am laying low for a while. Still, I have to admit, I said 'I don't care if it's a happy New Year or a Merry Christmas just as long as I get drunk, stoned and laid.' Well, I got 'em all, but I got a little more than I bargined for. Just another fun learning experience. :\

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    2. fraggle


      this one time i got drunk and blah blah blah

    3. Johnatone


      Question 185: When taken into custody is the police office required to read you the Miranda Rights?

      Answer: A police officer is required to read a person his/her Miranda Rights when two conditions are present.

      -First, the person is 'in custody.'

      -Second, the police officer is asking questions of the person.

      If the police officer does not read the person his/her Miranda Rights when those two conditions apply, any statements made by the individual cannot be used against him in court as the statement will be suppressed (not allowed in court as evidence by the judge).

      If a person is in custody and the police do not ask questions of him, but he volunteers information without being asked, then those statements can be used against him in court. Likewise, if a police officer asks a person questions and he is not in custody then the statements can be used in court.

      Source: http://www.lawforkids.org/QA/other/other185.cfm

      After he arrested me and I was in his custody, he continued to ask me questions. So I guess I'm made. Stupid pig.

      EDIT: I will check with a lawyer or other legal consultant just to see if the issue ralphis mentioned is true. Not saying I don't trust the internet... :P

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