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  1. Ever want to spam? Troll? Lurk? Mong? Goatse? Flame? On purpose? Well, then I've got the forums just for you.

    Studio 1337

    I created these out of sheer boredom. You can do anything you like there pretty much. I haven't quite figured out how to set it up correctly, but it's quite usuable. GO 2 IT.

    I'll need mods (unfortuantely, I have to mod it a bit; ezboard won't allow some things), so if you can give me a good reason why you should be a mod, tell me and i just might make you one. :)

    ph33r. discuss. w00t.

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    2. Grazza


      OMG scarecrow linked to a 904753 forum.

      All it needs now are lots of weird tags that can be abused.

      LOL, how about this for an unfortunate ISBN:

      103. PEJN, Maršal Kako razumeti ekonomiju za jedan sat / MaršalPejn ; prevod Vuk Perišiæ. - Beograd : V. Perišiæ, 2003 (Beograd : Alfa). - 125 str. : ilustr. ; 21 cm Prevod dela: How to Understand Economics in 1 Hour / Marshall Payn . - Tiraž 600. ISBN 86-904753-0-3 33(02.062) COBISS.SR-ID 109567500

    3. Danarchy


      Meh, Flameworld was better. Is that around anymore?

    4. Sephiroth


      i still like my forums