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  1. It's been a while since I've been on these forums. I've spent the last six months in post-Katrina New Orleans trying to make some money. Finally, after six months of getting screwed by people I used to think were my friends, I returned.

    However, all was not lost. Despite losing my second laptop to theives (the first to a literal crack-head, and the recent one to some dirty illegal spicks who thought they weren't getting paid enough), I did save up the money to get an XBox.

    Yes, I'm late in that field, considering the 360 came out at the same time I bought my XBox, but alas, I also only spent 130$ on it. Pointless to buy something when it first comes out, I believe.

    In the last three months since then, I've only purchased seven games, and I've made myself a rule:

    Only Mature Rated First Person Shooters.

    So far my collection includes the following:
    Area 51
    Doom 3: Collector's Edition
    Doom 3: Ressurection of Evil
    Halo 2
    Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack
    Mace Griffin, Bounty Hunter

    I'm eventually going to get Half Life 2 (I already own in on the PC, but the PC runs it a hell of a lot slower and low res) and Counter Strike, and soon I'll let up on my policy and start buying other genres and ratings of games. Sometime in the future I might buy a 360.

    Anyway, I was just wanting some recomendations on Mature Rated First Person Shooters, and other fun XBox games as well.

    I hope to spend more time on these forums, and once I have my computer set up again, I hope to contribute to the PWad community.

    Good to be back.

    1. Epyo


      sweet hi dude, yikes sorry to hear about you and orleans.

      welcome back!

    2. Coopersville


      The Far Cry games on XBOX are pretty good.

    3. Naked Snake