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  1. Steam sucks, Valve sucks. Period. But we all knew that. It's bad enough I've only got a 28k connection, making updates and downloads take forever, but to add to that Source engine games run like shit on my computer, despite my meeting of the minimum system requirements (parts of HL2:E1 are completely unplayible because the flashlight will only shine on models).

    Then I thought: The XBox is a powerhouse. Why not mod it and install Steam onto it. Then perhaps the game will run smoothly. Also, it'd be cheaper to buy a 100$ mod chip compared to the $500+ I'd spend upgrading my computer (man, I'm a cheap bastard.)

    My question: Is this even theoretically possible? I'm assuming that once I mod the XBox and have a different OS on it, I'll be able to install HL2 and connect to the internet to get the necessary updates and downloads. Then, being one who doesn't play online, I'll be able to configure the system appropriatly and play the games offline. Or something like that.

    Mongs, trolls and useful posters, commence!

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    2. leileilol


      Danarchy said:

      ROFL Steam. What's the point?

      To crush your paid-for software in a "convenient" technological trap.

    3. GGG


      The only thing steam is good for is clearing out a stuffy nose.

    4. Linguica


      Hahahahahhahahah 1) no it's not a powerhouse 2) good luck getting Windows running on an XBox 3) Steam is great assuming you have a computer and an ISP from the current century