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  1. ...or: How I quit doing drugs so I could get off probation on time and why it isn't going to help.

    I think you all remember my Drug Testing thread, which was quite pointless and stupid, and from a combination of your advice and the stern advice of my probation officer ("Be clean by the first week of December or I'll revoke you, and don't drop dirty after that.") I quit smoking pot.

    Now, I'm a pot smoker, plain and simple. I quit and don't intend on returning to it even when I get off probation, as it has kept me from getting jobs and will keep me out of the military (yes, they'll still take me; I'm just biding my time). I don't use any other kinds of drugs. None of those other drugs appeal to me, especially that dirty ass meth shit. Technically cigarettes and alcohol are drugs, but we're disregarding those since I can't get in trouble for them.

    Anyway, I've been clean for two and a half months, and am proud of myself since I rarely exercise self control. I give a lot of credit to my friends who don't want to see me end up in prison and have been helping me not relapse. I myself have found ways of occupying myself (writing music, playing video games, et cetera. Whatever works). I went in for my drug test today, and my probation officer happened to be in, so I went to see him and asked the secretary to get me my lab results. This blows my mind:


    Now, my PO tells me not to worry about the negative numbers [in the meth and cocaine column]; as long as they're negative there isn't a problem. I think there is, because I don't use those drugs and therefore shouldn't be showing anything at all. Also, if I haven't been smoking weed for over a month (2 1/2, to be exact), don't you think the numbers should read 0? Not only that, all of a sudden out of nowhere is a single high positive amongst low negatives in the cannabis column. Needless to say, he's sending the urine off to another crime lab to be reanalyzed. Chances are, it'll come back positive. For instance, a woman I know who was testing clean tested positive out of nowhere. They sent it to the crime lab and it came back four times higher than the testing system here. Also, another friend of my currently on probation has three clean drops and then a dirty drop, three clean, one dirty, et cetera, like clockwork.

    Now, I figure most of you will say 'bullshit' to this, but I have NOT been smoking weed for two and a half months. I've got less than eleven months to get off of probation, and then I'm a free man, free to get the fuck out of this county and get on with my life. Why the hell would I fuck this up now, especially considering that having my probation revoked means 5-7 in DOC?

    I do intend to fight this. I'm doing research on criminal law and browsing lawyers I could hire to appeal the drug testing, which was not a part of my probation to begin with (I was convicted of forging a check for $30), as well as find other loopholes and abuses of the judicial system committed by these people against me. I'm also hoping to be able to file a civil suit, which in this day and age is possible (after all, in this country you and sue anybody for almost any reason and win, so why not use it to fight a corrupt local government?). I don't know how far I will get with the latter, but the former I intend to take as far as I have to. I hope I win.

    On the other hand, if anything, I'll lose, have my probation revoked, and then you'll all be rid of me for a few years, which I'm sure plenty of you would enjoy greatly. :)

    EDIT: Link fixed.

    1. Quast


      Johnatone said:

      I do intend to fight this. I'm doing research on criminal law and browsing lawyers I could hire to appeal the drug testing, which was not a part of my probation to begin with

      Oh ffs dude, false positives happen. No need to get so damn paranoid over it. Christ, if they were seriously out to fuck with you, what good would it do to try and fight it?

    2. insertwackynamehere


      If what you say is true, than I hope that they realize that and you aren't convicted for anything that you are innocent of, regardless of my personal views on some of your personal views :/ so, yeah, an awkward good luck