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  1. Yes, unfortunately, on Super Bowl Sunday, my computer died. The motherboard fried for one reason or another. On Thursday, we took it to Staples. The tech geek there took it to find out what was wrong, and in the meantime, we got a new tower. The specs, you may [not] ask? Well, they're pretty generic:

    -Intel Celeron D Processor 356
    -512 MB PC2-4200 DDR2 SDRAM Memory
    -120 GB 7200 RPM Serial ATA Hard Drive
    -SuperMulti DVD Burner with Lightscribe Technology
    -ATI Radeon Xpress 1100 Graphics Card
    -Windows Vista Home Basic

    That last spec...well, it sucks. I hate Vista. When I first had XP, I though it was retarded, but within 30 minutes I had everything working the way I wanted it. Vista is completely retarded and it'll be a few days before I'm comfortable with it, if that. While most of the programs my parents wanted on the computer have installed with no problem, the ones I use have had issues. For instance:

    -Vista will not accept the install drivers for the wireless Microsoft mouse and keyboard we have. They still work, since mice and keyboards are standard plug and play technology, but what the fuck? It won't accept Microsoft drivers?

    -The drivers for my new Yamaha Keyboard won't install. The "New Device Found" program pops up when I hook up the keyboard and turn it on, but when it tells me to insert the disk, nothing happens when I do.

    -Microsoft Word 95 installed with no problem. What the fuck?

    Whatever. It's new technology, and it won't be compatible with anything for a while. Still, the fact that Vista is not backwards compatible with anything sucks. I haven't tried to install any of my games yet, so I haven't had the joy of screaming profanities at the top of my lungs against Microsoft yet, but I'll find out tonight.

    The good news it that my parents okay'd the work that needs to be done on our old Compaq, so when that comes back I'll get that one instead of this Vista-loaded piece of shit. I'm hoping that they don't fuck the old PC up by puting Vista on it, as I was perfectly happy with XP (despite it's lack of DOS). We'll see it two weeks though. I'm still going to have to pay for this new computer since I fucked up the old one, but five weeks worth of paychecks isn't really that bad to loose considering I owe them well over 2600$ for paying my court fees among other things.

    Yay for blogs.

    EDIT: I just put in my Half-Life 2 CD...I have yet to see anything happen. I'm pissed.

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