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  1. NOTE: To all those who don't want to read this huge chuck of text, scroll to the bottom for a discussion synopsis.

    I'm not quite sure how this blog started. I think one of the original ideas was to apologize for being a bigoted asshole (if you feel you can simplify it with those two words), but then I realized that kind of bullshit is best left to politicians and other assorted public figures. After all, I have my beliefs and opinions, as do all of you, and we all have that right, so I figure let bygones be bygones. Everybody gets offended, even me, and life goes on, so whoop-te-do.

    Then I thought to start a blog about the four new XBox games I got last Saturday. There isn't anything to say about that really though, except that Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance was a waste of six dollars and was promptly returned after I finished the main story mode and Unreal Championship 2 pissed me off so bad that it got thrown against a wall and broken after only two hours. Concerning the latter, I do tend to have a really bad temper sometimes, but it's under a lot more control now than it used to be. Nonetheless, I've decided to sell my XBox and the ten games I have as the sixty or seventy dollars I might get from it can go to another 512MB of RAM, or maybe a new soundcard to record my music with, or possibly even the Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex Season One Box Set.

    I'm not sure why I bought MGS2, other than the fact that I loved the original MGS and never beat the second one. I have this strict policy about buying games that aren't strictly M-Rated first person shooters, a very narrow mindset that is most likely keeping me from playing some potentially great games. One of my reasons is that I hate the camera in third person games; only in very few instances have I ever seen it done right. This brings me to a point: why the fuck did I buy MGS2 when I'm fully aware that the MGS games tend to have shitty camera angles? That's neither here nor there.

    Somewhere down the train of thought I decided to talk about why I find it asinine to purchase games when they first come out. I understand that the people that create these things put a lot of work into their games to sell them for a profit and feed their families. Go capitalism! Nonetheless, I don't know why, as a consumer, I am supposedly obligated to purchase a game, console, OS, piece of hardware, et cetera, the day it comes out. Spending fourty to sixty dollars on a single game doesn't guarantee it will be worth that money anymore than spending twenty-two dollars at Gamestop for four used games.

    I had some friends that were constantly in line the night before for games they wanted. They were among the masses that got Halo 2 the night it came out and the next night I was among the twenty-three people in two small rooms crowded around four XBoxes deathmatching (or playing Slayer, since God-forbid Bungie use a universally accepted term for the gameplay so they can appear to be 'original' when in reality almost everything about Halo is ripped off of everything great before it) until the wee hours of the morning. What's this story have to do with me? Almost four years later I bought a used XBox for one hundred thirty dollars and the Halo Triple Pack for sixty. I can do the math really quick:

    New XBox when it came out: $400
    New Halo when it came out: $50
    New Halo 2 When it came out: $50
    New Halo MPMP when it came out: $30
    Total $530

    Used XBox from Gamestop: $130
    New Halo Triple Pack: $60
    Total $190

    By intentionally becoming a victim of timeline, I saved myself three hundred fourty dollars. In retrospect, I could've saved sixty dollars by not buying the Halo pack, but hindsight is twenty-twenty. Nonetheless, I'm done with consoles, at least for now. I may invest in an XBox 360 in a couple of years and quite possibly a Wii, but I'm going to focus on the computer gaming industry and everything I've missed and am missing as we speak. I know I will continue to follow in the same timeline pattern as computer software and hardware tends to get better with age (i.e., after a while most of the bugs are ironed out and compatibility is higher).

    Of course, then I made a purchase I'd been wanting to make for a long time but hadn't gotten around to. I went to my local bookstore hoping to pick up a Heinlein I hadn't read yet, and all they had was Starship Troopers, which I read nine or ten times before my ex-girlfriend lost it. My second choice was this: Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail '72 by Hunter S. Thompson. I can say this: I am loving every minute of it.

    I know that last paragraph was quite out of whack, but that was the last thing I thought about writing about. Anyway, I think I'm done.

    SYNOPSIS FOR DISCUSSION (If you felt that any of this was worth discussing):

    1: Do you feel that it is pointless to buy video games related hardware and software brand new, or do you enjoy buying a shiny new games within the first couple of months it comes out?

    2: How do you feel about the paranoid, cynical and drug influenced writings of Hunter S. Thompson?


    1: Why did you feel that MGS2 was (great/horrible)?

    2: Why did you feel that Unreal Championship 2 was (great/horrible)?

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    2. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      MGS2 kicks ass, I dunno why I like it. There's just something neat about sneaking around like a modern ninja. I wish I had Substance.

      Dude, even if you didn't like MGS2, give MGS3 : Subsistance a try, seriously. The 3D camera really makes that game awesome and so does being able to sneak up on a motherfucker, kickin' his leg and slitting his throat.

    3. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      Technician said:

      I havn't bought a new video game in years.

      Yeah, I think the most recent non-sports computer/video game I actually bought for myself might actually be Quake 2. Partially because my home computer has always been an archaic piece of shit, but I really haven't had any interest in anything new that comes out. I always get this feeling that I've played it before, only this time it has nicer graphics and a better engine.

    4. Lüt


      Kid Airbag said:

      Yeah, I think the most recent non-sports computer/video game I actually bought for myself might actually be Quake 2.

      About the same. After all the expansion packs for that, the last things I bought were Heretic II and Undying, and I don't even remember if Undying was already out before Quake II or Heretic II. Only played those about once or twice, if that.