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  1. I've been trying to get this to work for a few days now. From what I understand, you have to format a partition in FAT32, put the proper folders in it (Video, Music, Photo, et cetera) and, in my case, convert the video files to MP4 so the PS3 will recognize them.

    I deallocated lots of space on my hard drive, did a 32 GB partitioning in the correct format using SwissKnife and converted the videos, but no matter how many times I try it the PS3 won't acknowledge there's a hard drive hooked up.

    I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing wrong; is there something I have to do to make the FAT32 partition default, or do I have to format the entire thing FAT32, or is it something else entirely?

    The external hard drive is a 1 TB Western Digital My Passport and the PS3 is the slim 160 GB version, fully updated (although PSN has been down since Wednesday).

    Thanks in advance for the help.

    1. spank


      I think it only supports one partition per disk.

    2. neubejiita



      This might help.


      And this as well, some information on partitioning the hard disk to work with the PS3. The first link will be more helpful I think.