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  1. Johnatone

    Post a picture of yourself!

    I'm happier these days.
  2. Johnatone

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    https://www.pcgamesn.com/doom-eternal/deathmatch?amp This was something I was wondering about since we hadn't seen any footage, and I'm disappointed in the result. I really wanted some kind of traditional deathmatch; I honestly loved the MP in the last game even if there were some modern choices like the two weapon limit. In the meantime I finally have a PC capable of playing Doom 2016 so I'm enjoying getting my ass kicked starting from scratch. Here's hoping they add it down the line though.
  3. Johnatone

    Collectors Edition $280 Should I?

    Most of the time there's still CE leftover months after release and it'll even go on sale for half price. I bought two of the Doom 2016 CE, one at launch and one a week later. They just "sell out" to build hype or something. Even my coveted Black Ops 3 Juggernaut fridge wasn't "sold out" up to a year after release lol. I found the Killzone 3 PS3 bundle at Kmart six months after it was sold out everywhere else. Patience can be frugal sometimes.
  4. Johnatone

    Commander Keen — Official E3 Announcement

    That was the game I was thinking of when I wrote my post too, and since Keen was what Id made after Nintendo turned down their idea of porting Mario to PC, it would be a good throwback to history. It'd be no problem to retcon his sister into the lore as well. And it would be a perfect game for them to bring to the Switch. An MP could work as well, a mode where you have to collect candy and you could zap opponents and knock them out for a few seconds and they'd lose some of their candy Sonic ring style.
  5. Johnatone

    Battle mode Trailer

    Yup, they did. I'm not too pleased with this. Yes, I know some of the design changes (weapon loadouts, demons, runes) were frowned upon, but I absolutely loved the MP. Between Doom and Titanfall 2 I was set for MP that year. I'm still playing both of those two (albeit I suck at Doom's right now, I just started playing on PC for the first time, I originally had it on PS4 where people had no idea what they were doing and I felt like a badass, haha.)
  6. Johnatone

    Commander Keen — Official E3 Announcement

    If it bombs though, the series may die completely...
  7. Johnatone

    Loving the return of the "unf unf unf"s

    EDIT: NVM, Id reuses sounds which explains my idiocy.
  8. Johnatone

    Commander Keen — Official E3 Announcement

    How about an open world 3D platformer that combines the entire original series into one cohesive package and includes a simple crafting system, new story elements, and expands and enhances on the original, and is on actual PC and consoles? That would be a much better way of bringing the franchise to a new generation, and they could still get their microtransactions with DLC and silly costumes. No shit. I've met a lot of twins and they usually have similar names but not the exact names, at least, I haven't run into any yet. Four better combinations I can think of off the top of my head: Billy and Lilly, Billy and Tilly, Billy and Becky, Billy and Bobbie.
  9. Johnatone

    Commander Keen — Official E3 Announcement

    Indeed it is. I should have picked up a new pair of nostalgia glasses while I was at Lenscrafters. Heat of the moment and all.
  10. Johnatone

    Doom Eternal E3 - Sunday 5:30 PDT

    Link: Details on the Collector's Edition Looks like they heard our complaints of not getting single player DLC last time, as the Year One pass includes Two SP DLC set to release within the year of the release. Generally I don't like pre-planned DLC since it means a company just cut content from the base game to sell later (fuck you Bungie) but Id has been very good to this community with their quality so I'm keeping my hopes up. Oh, on another note, I got really pissed when the guy from Bethesda came out and acted like they created the FPS genre just because they own Id now.
  11. Johnatone

    Commander Keen — Official E3 Announcement

    Sorry for the double post, but it's no secret Massmouth is one of my favorite all time WAD series. So to see this...I dunno man. It just pisses me off.
  12. Johnatone

    Commander Keen — Official E3 Announcement

    Shit, I didn't even notice that. I appreciate that the team working on Doom Eternal pays so much attention to this community and attempts to build upon the legacy of the IP, updating as needed and staying faithful in other places. This bullshit is just blasphemy; the mobile game industry is a fucking joke. RIP Dopefish.
  13. Johnatone

    Cyberdemon is back!

    I kind of hate how they ended the footage the same way as the 2016 reveal with a Cybie showing up, the BFG charging, then cut to black. The whole event was a bit underwhelming TBH; not much new was shown (not a bad thing; I want to be pleasantly surprised by everything when it finally comes out.) That being said, the classic redesign looks amazing, and I lighted up with glee when I saw it.
  14. Johnatone

    Commander Keen — Official E3 Announcement

    At first I was excited hearing the name Commander Keen again, even knowing it was a mobile game, and then I saw the gameplay and I was like nope. I actually said, "I'm sorry, Tom." out loud. I guess I was expecting something more faithful to the classics.
  15. Hey, Bishop survived being ripped in half by an Alien Queen. This is just a flesh wound. XD
  16. That would be nice. I was kind of disappointed to only fight one cyberdemon in the last game. Since the vile doesnt seem as large as the bosses it is possible. As far as his role goes, I recall Romero saying that the Archvile was originally designated as a healer. In which case he could be a nuisance by healing enemies you've damaged but not killed, making you have to constantly choose between attacking him or making sure everything is dead first. Another idea could be that he works similar to the Vex Goblins from Destiny, making enemies invulnerable to damage. Damaging the Vile breaks that but then you have both that enemy and the Vile attacking you.
  17. Finally got RAGE for PC a couple weeks ago. Runs fine, still a fun play, but dear fuck are the keyboard driving controls shit. Currently setting up an XBox One controller to finish the races for a 100% playthrough. (Time trials? Forget about it with keyboard. Shesh.)

  18. Johnatone

    Wrack: Exoverse

    I already had this on my Steam wishlist. :D I'll be sure to pick it up soon.
  19. Updated my potato. Swapped out the AMD HD 2770 with an XFX RX 590 Fatboy, and the 550w PSU with a Corsair 650w modular. Running with an i5 2320 quad at 3.0 and 8 gig of RAM. Things are running much more smoothly now.

  20. Johnatone

    Post a picture of yourself!

    So much has happened in just the last seven months. I still look the same, but I'm happier and healthier. Finally escaped the midwest, moved to Utah, and turned my life around completely. So here's a selfie from today when I was taking an unauthorized smoke break.
  21. After the Ashley Madison hack I got an email in my sock account saying they were gonna expose my activity to my family there if I didn't pay them so many bitcoins. I only signed up a fake account to show my wife at the time how 99% of the profiles there were either spam accounts or desperate dudes. Plus my reputation is pure shit anyway, so that would be the least of my concerns. I lol'd so hard.
  22. Johnatone

    Merry Christmas!

    Yes, Merry Christmas guys. Be safe and have fun. Been one hell of a year for me. Gonna be one hell of a year coming up. Yet Doomworld is always a consistent place in my life, even if I mostly just lurk these days. If any of y'all have Destiny 2 on PC, that's where you'll find me now when I'm not sleeping or working. Hopefully I can upgrade the potato before Doom Eternal and Rage 2 come out. Edit: my account is old enough to drive now. :D
  23. Johnatone

    The Top 100 Memorable Doom Maps of All Time

    I second this. Cyb also made another of my favorite and most memorable wads: Massmouth 2. Great list though; I'm looking forward to revisiting and discovering a lot of these maps now that I have more free time on my hands.
  24. Johnatone

    Sandy Petersen Interview (w/ Mahmut Saral)

    Has there been a Doom II project that recreates Doom with the added beastiary to balance or flesh out the levels? Granted of course outside of KDITD the levels couldn't be exactly the same - I assume copying the shareware levels is okay. I feel like this project does exist already. Yeah, this baffles me. I would assume he would like the more horror themed elements but obviously I would be wrong. Still, to go further and trash his former company seems unnecessary and bitter.
  25. Johnatone

    Do You have a original World?

    I'm a huge fan of Robert Heinlein and his hard sci-fi style. I wrote a short sci-fi love story in the style of his young adult novels for my anniversary when I was married a few years ago. The main character was a young man about to travel a new frontier on humanity's first deep space colonization mission, but he was on the fence about it. He runs into a girl he was best friends with in school whom he never pursued because he was focused on being qualified to have a chance at being picked for the mission. She tells him that after school she pursued further education so that she too could qualify for the mission. When he tells her about his trepidation she becomes upset and explains that her motive was so that she could be with him, because he was her best friend. That makes up his mind, they marry, and he closes out the story with some sentimental stuff as they're boarding the ship. To write a good story, I had to think of where things were technologically speaking. I came up with three point of tech and built a future history around them. Cryogenic sleep beds were a quick and cliche thing I used because it only had to be mentioned briefly. Colonization in the solar system had been established through an attempt to use a variation of railgun technology to launch the first ship to Mars which accidently caused a variation of hyperspace. The third technology was simply a universe GPS that could be used in conjunction with the railgun hyperspace ships. Not really too complicated or original, but it made for a good story and I wrote it plausibly enough. I actually ended up planning two more short stories in that universe. One involved the colonists of that first mission. It would take place two generations into the colony's existence. The second ship of colonists is due and the children born on this planet are now adults that aren't too keen on people coming in. It goes back to a charter of the first mission that the young folk don't believe they should have to honor (sins of the father or something.) There were more political themes to it, but I never developed it much. The second story was a cliche thing about an attempted mutiny on one of the colony ships, but that was as far as it got. It was fun, and I've wanted to go back and just finish the 7 stories I have in my head (those three, two in a universe that was dark comedy and sci-fi, and two about robots and clones.) Just haven't.