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  1. Spicy Cacodemon

    Rule 666: If it exists, someone made it in Doom

    Doom porn is already a thing dude.
  2. Spicy Cacodemon

    How does one make high quality sprites

    This right here is your problem dude. Well at least one big problem. While it is entirely possible to make sprites and digital art with a mouse it's really not advisable, even talented artists can struggle with a mouse. If you don't want to model in 3D then I suggest you buy a fairly cheap graphics tablet, it's as close as you're gonna get to drawing on paper without paying through the roof and I assume you don't want to fork out hundreds for a pen tablet monitor. You'll have to get used to the tablet not having it's own screen though. Rotation can be a real bitch by hand so references should help a ton. Ideally you'd want a program with opacity and multiple layers so you can use the previous sprite as a guide for the next. GIMP is free and should have all you need. You can find many spriting tutorials online with a quick google search so that might help. If I were you I'd just learn 3D if you haven't already and make digitized sprites like in DOOM 64, possibly with a pixel shader to make them look more 2D. It's gotta be way easier once you know how.
  3. Spicy Cacodemon

    Sprites 16 rotations

    I posted pretty much this exact same topic with the title "Super smooth rotation?" in late august but I didn't actually have anything to show. I wondered if smooth rotation/animation like this was possible and now I can see it is, I'd like to try making my own monster at some point. I'd love to see more people working on creating 16 angle monsters, one to one faithful recreations of the original DOOM monsters would be amazing. I know for sure that some of us would be down for supporting work like this financially. Blender has a really cool "pixel art shader" that makes 3D renders look like 2D sprites, I feel it could be used to great effect recreating that classic DOOM look.
  4. Spicy Cacodemon

    Super smooth rotation?

    I've been a member for over 2 years now but I've never finished or released anything, I just ask stupid noob questions. Sorry if I got anyone's hopes up with this topic, I was just wondering whether such a thing was possible. I do have an idea though. HD models already exist so someone less lazy than me could make a video or some gifs of each model rotating and attacking. One could then use them as a template, painting over each frame in Photoshop. It would still be a super difficult ambitious task but it's doable.
  5. Spicy Cacodemon

    Super smooth rotation?

    Ever noticed how most if not all the sprites in Doom style games have really stiff animation? \ | / Walking around an Imp you'll notice it has 8 different sprites while still. ↼ ⇀ / | \ My question is would it be possible to make all the rotating sprites in Doom turn smoothly by adding more frames? Making all those sprites would suck but it would be well worth it. If I knew how to do it I could give it a try. I know Gifty's Smooth Doom and Jekyll's Beatiful Doom exist already but from what I can tell they haven't done this yet.
  6. Spicy Cacodemon

    Script for rate of fire

    I feel the pistol isn't a very satisfying weapon to use, it's weak and slow. The chaingun is great but it rips through standard enemies too easily. I'd like something that's in between the two, does anyone know a simple script that makes the pistol fire a bit faster?
  7. I solved my problem, seems I did have the right idea. I just didn't realise that "the first texture of a TEXTURE1 lump is always a null texture". I tried again this time uploading a nonsense texture first and surely enough all textures added afterwards work just fine.
  8. I've created some custom textures and can see them in Doom but only when they are in a texture wad, I use SLADE3. I'd like to know how I can add the custom textures into my ZDoom (Doom in UDMF format) map WAD file so I won't have to load both the map WAD and the texture WAD.
  9. Spicy Cacodemon

    Ghostbusters New Movie Trailer

    The trailer is bad and unfunny. This film is a disgrace to the Ghostbusters name. This is like a crappy Jimmy Kemmel parody of Ghostbusters. The original cult classic is a very 80s film, this new one in present day trying to be all oldschool just doesn't work. They should have made a sequel with at least some of the original cast present to pass the torch and/or have one last adventure.
  10. Spicy Cacodemon

    My pixel art

    Wouldn't it be better to post this in a spriting forum instead if you haven't already also done that? Like vg-resource or pixeljoint for example. These aren't Doom sprites but that of course doesn't mean you can't post them here, I'm just saying you're likely to get better more insightful criticism in a spriting forum.
  11. This isn't really a request for help in making a DOOM map etc. I'm just wondering if there are any DOOM WADs that for whatever reason don't contain any fighting, kinda like a DOOM version of Gone Home. Another thing I wonder are audio diaries like those found in Bioshock possible in DOOM?
  12. Spicy Cacodemon

    WAD Level design hints/tips?

    You can open the Doom WADs, Ultimate DOOM, DOOM 2, Final DOOM then take a look at the ID's maps like E1M1 for example. You should also be able to load any custom maps in the Doom Builder you're using, looking at what other's have done could give you some inspiration. Just try not to copy others tooooo much. You could google image search things like "Doom maps, floor plans, building interiors, ___ architecture, historical monuments". You could look at the map design of other decent first person shooter games. You can draw inspiration from everything around you.
  13. Spicy Cacodemon

    A Good Day Mapping

    @EClydeDeebo I currently use ZDoom/GZDoom and Doom Builder 2. I noticed I can make slopes easily with action 181 - Plane Align (slope). For some weird reason I thought slope sectors needed to be quadrilateral and perhaps could only have straight lines but I see now that's not the case. Now if only curved sloped were available via a mod :/ .
  14. Spicy Cacodemon

    So many WADs to choose from

    Thanks for your suggestions, I'll in time be checking out these WADs and perhaps making some of my own as I have been building in Doom Builder 2. So should I play these maps in vanilla first then revisit them with any mods I'd like to use? If any of these were designed with a particular mod/setting/port in mind that information would be clearly visible right? If anyone thinks hey you should play these maps with this mod because they work well together I'd appreciate the recommendation.
  15. Spicy Cacodemon

    So many WADs to choose from

    You could say I'm being really lazy by posting this, you could also say I'm fairly new to the Doom series. I didn't grow up playing the games, I knew about them but didn't really pay them much attention until recently when I decided to finally play the first two Doom games and check out the mods etc etc. Doom has clearly been around for a very long time, it's actually a few months older than I am. People have been creating WADs and all sorts of content for Doom games for ages now so I'd like to know what fan made maps *** for DOOM & DOOM 2 *** you all think I/we should play. What maps you personally feel are best for vanilla Doom, for Brutal Doom, for any other specific mods you really like. What WADs and MEGAWADs you feel people need to experience, bare in mind I'm not into speedrunning.