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  1. Spicy Cacodemon

    Custom Armor & Health Pickups

    I'd like to make some custom armor and health pickups. They don't need to replace the existing ones. I can't get it to work. BasicArmor, BasicArmorPickup, ArmorBonus, BasicArmorBonus, I don't know what to type. I keep getting Script error - @actor' is an unknown actor property. Can I get a DECORATE script for a new ACTOR that gives the player 1 armor and one that gives 1 health.
  2. Spicy Cacodemon


    I was having trouble setting the damage for A_SkullAttack but I figured it out. Damage(random(1,1)*1) works to always deal 1 damage. Changing it to something like (5,9) makes the monster randomly deal damage between the two numbers.
  3. I want my decorate object to hurt the player when bumped into like spikes. I can already achieve this by using action 73 (damage thing) in DoomBuilder but I want to place several of these objects in my map. By default my decorate object does nothing unless given an action. I specifically want the action to be in the object's decorate script so I can just add my object into the map just like explosive barrels. Sorry I solved it by myself, found a script online. forum zdoom org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=48216
  4. Spicy Cacodemon

    Custom monster w no rotation (solved)

    I kinda found a somewhat imperfect solution. The rotations are still there but you never see them while the monster is alerted to the players presence. I tried strafing around the monster to see it's back but the monster never shows it's back. The death animations haven't been added yet but that's simple. Actor SkullBehemoth : ZombieMan 9603 { health 100 Speed 10 missiletype Cacodemonball missileheight 58 SeeSound "caco/sight" PainSound "caco/pain" DeathSound "caco/death" ActiveSound "caco/active" Obituary "$OB_DEMONHIT" // "%o was fried by a SkullBehemoth." States { See: DEVL ABCD 4 A_Chase Loop Missile: DEVL E 1 A_FaceTarget DEVL F 1 A_MissileAttack DEVL E 1 A_FaceTarget DEVL F 1 A_MissileAttack DEVL E 1 A_FaceTarget DEVL F 1 A_MissileAttack goto See Pain: DEVL F 1 goto See } }
  5. Spicy Cacodemon

    Custom monster w no rotation (solved)

    I'd like to create a custom monster in decorate inherited from an existing monster like an Imp for example. I already more or less know how to make one but I specifically want monsters without any rotation. I'd like my monsters to always face and mostly move towards the player. This would make creating new monsters from scratch so much easier and I'm sure it's been done before. So the sprites would look something like this. DEVL A 1 DEVL B 1 DEVL C 1 DEVL D 1 DEVL E 1 DEVL F 1 DEVL G 1 DEVL H 1 DEVL IJKLMNOPQRSTU 0 (death sprites) Does anyone know how to make this?
  6. Spicy Cacodemon

    Custom monster w no rotation (solved)

    I could do that but then my monster would only appear to be always facing the player like drawing eyes on the back of their head. I want no rotation at all like Commander Keen. "For a custom enemy, just set the frames of rotation to 0. This way, it always faces the players." Yeah thanks I'll give that a try though there should be a better way.
  7. Spicy Cacodemon

    whats the best most up-to-date map editor to use

    I'm currently using Ultimate Doom Builder which can be found here. https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=232&t=66745 It's got all the features of GZDoom Builder and a few more. SLADE3 also has a map editor I've never used before.
  8. Spicy Cacodemon

    Anyone have good GZDoom Builder tutorials?

    Check out SublimelyElegant, Chubzdoomer & Chris Moyer on YouTube. Also look up existing topics on this forum and the zdoom.org forum and check the zdoom.org wiki page. I find that most of the time I can either solve my own problems or find the answers online somewhere. I have no knowledge of scripting but I can still use ACS and SLADE3, Doom editing isn't that hard if you keep things fairly simple. Don;'t be afraid to ask for help when you need it, just make sure you look around first to see if your problem already has a solution.
  9. Spicy Cacodemon

    Multiple ActorMovers (solved)

    Turns out my objects were just too close together preventing them from moving as they normally would. Perhaps I should make the spikes a bit bigger. --- I've got some red spikes that kill the player on contact and I want some of them to move back and forth like in the example down below. I've got one spike moving up and down using script 2 OPEN { Thing_Activate(1); } with an ActorMover and two Interpolation Points. I tried the same thing with 4 more spikes, 4 movers and 8 points but they won't move. Is this a problem with my script? A separate (void) script with Thing_Activate didn't work when triggered. Neither did putting multiple Thing_Activate in my OPEN script. I'm not good with script.
  10. Spicy Cacodemon

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    Can someone make me a simple script that indefinitely ActorMoves an object back and forth between two interpolation points? Is it also possible to move objects up and down between two points instead of just making them floatbob? I have some hazards that kill on contact but right now they are stationary. SOLVED my own problem. I just used a script to Thing_Activate my ActorMover and set the second interpolation point to go back to the first. I'm guessing if my interpolation points are at different heights the object would move up and down.
  11. Spicy Cacodemon

    Doom 64's New Release & GZDoom

    How does Doom64EX compare with the original and more recent official ports? Are there any noticeable differences in graphics and gameplay or is EX practically indistinguishable?
  12. Spicy Cacodemon

    GZDOOM Glowing Coins (solved)

    Thanks it worked. I don't have a Golden Souls style custom coin counter right now so I might ask about that some other time.
  13. Spicy Cacodemon

    GZDOOM Glowing Coins (solved)

    I've created some custom spinning coins that act like healthbonuses but they don't glow in GZDOOM like other default items do. I assume the glow effect is from GLDEFS. Is there an easy way to make my coins glow like the megasphere in the image below? The script for my coin is ACTOR Coin : Health 9602 { +INVENTORY.ALWAYSPICKUP SpawnID 23 States { Spawn: COIN ABCDEFGH 8 Bright Loop } Inventory.Amount 1 Inventory.MaxAmount 200 }
  14. Spicy Cacodemon

    GZDOOM Glowing Coins (solved)

    Does this help?
  15. Spicy Cacodemon

    GZDOOM Glowing Coins (solved)

    Works on my static Doomguy decorate but not on the animated coins. The coins has 8 frames COINA0, COINB0, COINC0 etc etc. I can see an example on the wiki but can't figure it out. https://zdoom.org/wiki/GLDEFS
  16. Spicy Cacodemon

    GZDOOM Glowing Coins (solved)

    Tried messing around with the script but it's not working. This is my first time using the GLDEF lump. Somehow I'm not doing it right.
  17. Spicy Cacodemon

    Rule 666: If it exists, someone made it in Doom

    Doom porn is already a thing dude.
  18. Spicy Cacodemon

    How does one make high quality sprites

    This right here is your problem dude. Well at least one big problem. While it is entirely possible to make sprites and digital art with a mouse it's really not advisable, even talented artists can struggle with a mouse. If you don't want to model in 3D then I suggest you buy a fairly cheap graphics tablet, it's as close as you're gonna get to drawing on paper without paying through the roof and I assume you don't want to fork out hundreds for a pen tablet monitor. You'll have to get used to the tablet not having it's own screen though. Rotation can be a real bitch by hand so references should help a ton. Ideally you'd want a program with opacity and multiple layers so you can use the previous sprite as a guide for the next. GIMP is free and should have all you need. You can find many spriting tutorials online with a quick google search so that might help. If I were you I'd just learn 3D if you haven't already and make digitized sprites like in DOOM 64, possibly with a pixel shader to make them look more 2D. It's gotta be way easier once you know how.
  19. Spicy Cacodemon

    Sprites 16 rotations

    I posted pretty much this exact same topic with the title "Super smooth rotation?" in late august but I didn't actually have anything to show. I wondered if smooth rotation/animation like this was possible and now I can see it is, I'd like to try making my own monster at some point. I'd love to see more people working on creating 16 angle monsters, one to one faithful recreations of the original DOOM monsters would be amazing. I know for sure that some of us would be down for supporting work like this financially. Blender has a really cool "pixel art shader" that makes 3D renders look like 2D sprites, I feel it could be used to great effect recreating that classic DOOM look.
  20. Spicy Cacodemon

    Super smooth rotation?

    Ever noticed how most if not all the sprites in Doom style games have really stiff animation? \ | / Walking around an Imp you'll notice it has 8 different sprites while still. ↼ ⇀ / | \ My question is would it be possible to make all the rotating sprites in Doom turn smoothly by adding more frames? Making all those sprites would suck but it would be well worth it. If I knew how to do it I could give it a try. I know Gifty's Smooth Doom and Jekyll's Beatiful Doom exist already but from what I can tell they haven't done this yet.
  21. Spicy Cacodemon

    Super smooth rotation?

    I've been a member for over 2 years now but I've never finished or released anything, I just ask stupid noob questions. Sorry if I got anyone's hopes up with this topic, I was just wondering whether such a thing was possible. I do have an idea though. HD models already exist so someone less lazy than me could make a video or some gifs of each model rotating and attacking. One could then use them as a template, painting over each frame in Photoshop. It would still be a super difficult ambitious task but it's doable.
  22. Spicy Cacodemon

    Script for rate of fire

    I feel the pistol isn't a very satisfying weapon to use, it's weak and slow. The chaingun is great but it rips through standard enemies too easily. I'd like something that's in between the two, does anyone know a simple script that makes the pistol fire a bit faster?
  23. Spicy Cacodemon


    Hello I'm wondering if you know of any good YouTube channels about all things Doom and Doom-like. Wolfenstein, Duke Nukem, Hexen, all manner of fan content. Really anything reminiscent of that classic Doom style and gameplay would be great. Of course I know about Mr Brutal Doom SGtMarkIV and I'm a fan of ICARUSLIV3S who covers all sorts of Doom mods but are there any other decent YouTube channels mainly producing great Doomy content. I know what I'm asking for is quite vague, I just don't have an ultra specific idea of what I'd like.
  24. Spicy Cacodemon

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    I solved my problem, seems I did have the right idea. I just didn't realise that "the first texture of a TEXTURE1 lump is always a null texture". I tried again this time uploading a nonsense texture first and surely enough all textures added afterwards work just fine.
  25. Spicy Cacodemon

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    I've created some custom textures and can see them in Doom but only when they are in a texture wad, I use SLADE3. I'd like to know how I can add the custom textures into my ZDoom (Doom in UDMF format) map WAD file so I won't have to load both the map WAD and the texture WAD.